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How to Pay Your ATO Tax Bills With Credit Card and Earn Points

Did you know that when you pay ATO bills directly you typically earn NO or reduced credit card points?

This is because when paying ATO & government bills (and other bills such as insurance, rates & utilities) these billers are categorised by your card issuer to earn reduced or ZERO credit card reward points. Make sure you join the growing number of Australian businesses using B2Bpay to pay the ATO who are earning FULL credit card points, and additional bonus Qantas Points on top of that. Further more, you can likely claim the card processing fee as a tax deduction.

Businesses all over Australia have made the ATO B2Bpay’s most popular biller as they reap the rewards of using B2Bpay to pay these bills.

B2Bpay is the most rewarding way to pay the ATO

  • Earn FULL credit card points^ – unlike the no or reduced points you typically earn when paying these bills directly;
  • Earn Qantas Points on these and ALL your business bills*; and
  • Boost cash flow by utilising your credit card interest free days to hold your bank funds longer^.

Use B2Bpay to pay the ATO and with many credit cards, you can earn at least double the credit card points^ than if you paid directly, without paying double the card processing fee. What’s more, with B2Bpay, you also earn Qantas Points*.

The only fee for using B2Bpay is a card processing fee from 1.2% to 2.4% excl. GST (or 0.84% to 1.64% after eligible company tax deduction), depending on your card type. This fee is outweighed by the value of the credit card and Qantas Points you can earn and the cash flow benefits.

Turn taxes into points and flights

For example; if you paid $240,000 per year in BAS, payroll taxes and other business expenses using B2Bpay, you could earn:

  • 240,000 Qantas Points (or credit card points) every year; and
  • 2,400 Qantas Points for your business every year (or even more by paying B2Bpay Bonus Billers).

That’s enough points for 2 x return business class flights from Sydney or Melbourne to London every year plus approximately $1,517 in taxes, fees and carrier charges.

^ Credit card reward points and interest free days are subject to the terms of your credit card and linked rewards program.
# A business must be a Qantas Business Rewards Member to earn Qantas Points. A one-off join fee of $89.50 including GST normally applies, however this will be waived for B2Bpay customers using this link. Membership and Qantas Points are subject to the Qantas Business Rewards Terms and Conditions. Qantas Points for business are offered under the B2Bpay Customer Terms and Conditions. Members will earn 1 Qantas Point for every $100 paid and up to 3 Qantas Points per $1.50 paid to B2Bpay Bonus Billers. See B2Bpay website for a list of current B2Bpay Bonus Billers. Qantas Points earned using B2Bpay will be automatically credited to your linked Qantas Business Rewards account within 90 days of your eligible spend as outlined in the B2Bpay Customer Terms and Conditions. Any claims in relation to Qantas Points under this offer must be made directly to B2Bpay by emailing help@b2bpay.com.au. Businesses must ensure the ABN registered with Qantas Business Rewards is saved in the B2Bpay customer profile or entered online when paying in order to earn Qantas Points. 
* Use a Qantas Points earning credit card to earn points on every payment. Card products referred to are not issued by Qantas but by the relevant Card partners. The applicable Card Partner is the credit provider and credit licensee under the National Consumer Credit laws. Points are offered by the relevant Card partner and partner reward program and can only be earned on eligible purchases. Contact the relevant Card Partner for terms and conditions or enquiries. Bank issued points earned by using your credit card are estimated to be 1 Qantas Point or alternative credit card reward point per dollar spent. Credit card reward points are subject to the terms of your credit card and linked rewards program. Qantas Points quoted are accurate as at 1 August 2017 but may vary at the time of booking. Classic Flight Rewards are available on Qantas, Jetstar and partner airlines. Classic Flight Reward seats are subject to capacity controls, availability is limited and some flights may not have any Classic Flight Rewards available. Taxes, fees and carrier charges are payable by an Accepted Payment Card in addition to the points required on Classic Flight Rewards. These are quoted at the time of booking and are subject to change. See Classic Flight Rewards for more details.

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Start accepting credit cards, with no cost and no fuss.

Have you been thinking about offering your customers the option to pay by credit card but have put it in the too hard basket? With B2Bpay it’s as simple as letting us know you want to get started, and we can set you up as a Biller for free with your own branded payment portal (we can even add your logo!).

Then all you need to do is start putting these details on your invoices (eg. pay.b2bpay.com.au/ yourcompanyname) so your customers can start paying you online via credit card at any time of the day.

Get paid faster, and save time too.

62% of Businesses say paying by card is faster, and by having your own payment portal customers can pay you online (via their computer or mobile) 24/7.
Receiving card payments has been found to reduce payment chasing by 61% and improve cash flow in 73% of businesses.
You can also reduce manual processing (eg. over the phone) in your business, with no cross-checking bank statements or need to store card details.

Customers receive bonus Qantas Points when they pay your invoices. 

Your customers are rewarded with Qantas Points every time they pay you (1 Qantas point for every $100 spent). You can even gain a competitive edge by signing up as a B2Bpay Bonus Biller and offer extra Qantas Points to customers paying your bills.
Your customers can pay using VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Club so get their own credit card reward points on payments too.

It’s super easy to start, and it won’t cost you a thing.

We do it all for you. There is no training, no merchant facilities and no changes to your banking or IT systems. We simply process the credit card payments for you and pay into your nominated bank account.

Want to know more?

Watch our video on how it all works below:

If you would like to have a chat to us about how it all works, give us a call on 1300 205 575.



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Pay Rent with Credit Card and Get Rewarded

Paying business rent, strata or other property expenses using B2Bpay is an easy way to significantly boost your points balances and cash flow.  

These payments are very popular with B2Bpay customers who like to pay their major recurring expenses (like rent, tax, etc.) using B2Bpay, to maximise their points.  

“We have been using B2BPay now for some time. We find it easy and convenient to use to pay bills, such as Rent and ATO and particularly love the scheduled payment option, never late paying again. On top of that, we get AMEX points as well. Nice!!” 

John Williams, Director, HelloWorld Travel, Rowville, VIC 

By using B2Bpay to pay sizable and recurring business expenses such as rent or strata is a great way to sit back and watch your points balance and cash flow grow….whilst planning your next trip! 

Is it worth paying rent with credit card?

The benefit of paying your rent via credit card varies depending on your personal circumstances. For example if you run a business that requires cash flow then paying your rent by credit card is a smart choice because it frees up more of your cash to be used in other critical areas. Another reason you may choose to use a credit card to pay rent would be because you love to travel and with plenty of frequent flyer award programs tied to credit cards it makes sense to earn some extra points on a recurring basis.

Paying your rent with a credit card may not be the right option for you though, check the fees of your credit card provider to make sure they don’t outweigh the benefits of extra rewards points while you pay rent.

Why pay rent using B2Bpay?

  • Use credit card not bank funds. Stop using EFT to pay large expenses like rent, tax and more. Instead, switch these payments to credit card, hold your bank funds longer and boost cash flow
  • Earn credit card points. Earning points on large recurring expenses is a great way to boost your points balance
  • Earn bonus Qantas Points (frequent flyer points) every time you pay these and ALL other business bills with our convenient online payment portal.

It’s easy to set up rent and other payments:

Switching and benefiting is easy: 

  • If you currently pay these expenses by BPAY, you’ll find your biller by searching for their BPAY Biller Code within B2BPay (you can even use your current BPAY reference number).  
  • Pay by EFT? Many property groups are already in B2Bpay or simply add your Estate Agent/Landlord to start paying. 

Make life easier by selecting to AutoPay

If your rent is the same amount each month, choose AutoPay to make your life easier. Alternatively, choose ‘One-Off’ to decide when and how much you pay or ‘Email Reminder’ to receive a payment alert every month. 

If you would like further info call us on 1300 205 575 or email  help@b2bpay.com.au