Connect to Xero (Biller)

Connect B2Bpay to Xero and a ‘Pay Now’ button will appear on the invoices you send to customers. This button directs to your payment page with all the invoice details already pre-populated. And when your customer pays, their payment automatically reconciles in Xero. How awesome is that?

To do this,  you need to complete the following steps.

1.Log in to B2Bpay as a Biller. Click here to log in.

2. Log in to B2Bpay with your normal credentials.

3. Once you are logged in click on “Profile” on the left hand side of the screen.

4.  Then click on the Xero Tab on the right hand side.

5. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Sign in with Xero” button.

This will take you a page where you need to log in to Xero.

4. Once you have signed in you need to click “Allow Access”

5. Then click “Connect”

6. Choose “Payment Account” and “Expense Account”.  “Payment Account” is the account you receive the funds the customer pays to you and the account in Xero that B2Bpay will automatically record their payment.  For “Expense Account”, choose an appropriate account to record payment processing fees. For example: “Bank Fees”. This is only relevant if you have chosen to pay (and not pass on) the payment processing fees.

Wonderful, you’re connected.

Your ‘pay now’ button will now direct to your branded payment page with invoice data pre-populated, and payments will be reconciled in Xero.

Make sure you send us a test invoice for $2 to [email protected] so we can test it’s working!

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How to remove your old ‘Pay Now’ B2BPay link in Xero

If you have been using Xero to invoice your customers already, you will need to remove the current payment link that links to your B2Bpay payment page. Once you have done this, you can connect to our NEW Xero Integration (which has some really cool features).

The new integration will mean that the ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoices will direct to your branded payment page with all the invoice details pre-populated. And when your customer pays, their payment automatically records and reconciles in Xero!


Step 1

Log in to your Xero account.

Step 2

Click on your Company Name drop down on the top left hand side, then click on ‘Settings’. Once you are in the ‘Setting’ page, click on ‘Payment Services’.

Step 3

You will see ‘B2Bpay’ listed as a payment service. Click ‘Edit’ on the right hand side. Then click “Remove…”. It will show a button to confirm you want to remove. Click on the red ‘Remove’ button.

Xero Remove Payment button

You’re done!

You are now ready to connect B2Bpay to Xero through the new Integration! For instructions on how to do this – click here.

Need further help?

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