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Card Payments the most rewarding choice for SME’s

Running a small business can be chaotic – it’s a balancing act of mastering your marketing strategy, gaining sales, cash flow management, settling bills, issuing invoices and chasing payments.

But thanks to new and emerging technology, it’s now possible to unlock hidden value for your small business with no extra work involved – just by switching to card payments. So if you’re a small business owner who hasn’t taken a close look at the ways you make your business payments in a while, now is the time.

But how does paying by card add value to your business? The Deloitte ‘Paytech Revolution’ report released in early 2018 outlined the key benefits:

  • Added value through rewards on all your payments
  • Optimised cash flow
  • Increased speed and efficiency
  • Security

B2Bpay is a new payment solution that is a rewarding way to pay and take advantage of all these benefits for your small business. If you still process most payments using EFT, cash or cheque, you’re leaving valuable rewards on the table every time you pay your bills. Research increasingly shows card is king for small business in a rapidly digitising economy.

Customers prefer card

In June 2018, the ATO released the findings from its research into how 1,049 Australian consumers are paying. The findings weren’t surprising for one of the world’s most cashless countries – the research revealed only one in five Australians still prefer using cash for purchases.

This nationwide trend is the most pronounced in young people – so if your small business targets customers who are under 35’s, you need to remember that this group carries the least amount of cash in Australia. Going cashless means it’s a lot easier for this group to spend more money with you

Key ATO research findings

  • 10% of consumers carry no cash at all
  • 30% carry limited cash and expected to use electronic payments for most transactions.
  • 19% carry some cash but will use it only if electronic payments aren’t available
  • 27% said they carry some cash and use a combination of ash and electronic payments

The ATO research also revealed that people prefer the convenience and security going cashless offers, in that it removes the need to withdraw cash and carry it around, as well makes record keeping a lot easier with everything recorded electronically.

When it comes to convenience, new payment technologies are having a big impact. Tap and Go is reducing the time it takes to make a transaction even further than regular card payments, and B2Bpay consolidates payment across multiple cards onto one screen to make reporting easier for tax time.

According to the ATO assistant commissioner, Matthew Bambrick, 86% of businesses believe that most customers expect to be able to pay via electronic means.

“This research indicates that the trend away from cash will only gather pace. This is more than a passing fad. This is the way of the future,” said Bambrick.

He states that the end result will be more people carrying little or no cash at all.

The Reserve Bank of Australia 2017 Consumer Payments Survey data supports this – over a decade, consumer payments by cash have fallen from 70% in 2007 to 37% in 2016.

Cashless Rewards Your Small Business

Going cashless offers multiple benefits for your business:

  • Card rewards on every transaction, including ATO payments when you use B2Bpay
  • Speed and efficiency, for you and customers
  • Security – no need to keep cash on hand secure
  • Record Keeping & Visibility – Accurate, real time reports on your desktop
  • More Customers – every year more Australians choose to use card payments
  • Reliability – pay and be paid your monthly, quarterly or annual bills on time, every time.
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Best ways to boost your small business rewards

How can you make your points work for you?

It’s a common question for many small business owners. Point schemes can be difficult to understand, and some may feel they don’t have the knowledge or business spend to take full advantage of the benefits on offer.

The key to making the most points, and redeeming more rewards for your small business, is actually really simple. It all comes down to one thing – use your business rewards card for ALL your business spend.

If your business is paying for all stock, contractors and suppliers with cash or cheque, you are missing out on the opportunity to rapidly boost your points balance.

To earn reward points faster, there are a couple of simple and effective strategies that will work for any business.

Join a frequent flyer program

Who doesn’t love flying business class– especially when it’s free!

If you frequently travel for your business, you have the potential to earn a load of points just for booking flights. You then put your business in prime position to earn free flights.

Running a small business can be overwhelming, so don’t forget to treat yourself to a flight somewhere pleasant at least once a year.

Flights represent excellent redemption value for your frequent flyer reward points – you’d be surprised at the points cost of first class tickets to Los Angeles or London when compared with new retail goods like flat screen televisions. This is because airlines do no need to purchase the goods first.

Qantas Business Rewards is linked with a large variety of cards and offers flexibility in the rewards offered to small businesses.


  • More points for flying
  • Cost savings on airfares
  • Discounts on Qantas Club membership
  • Access to a wide variety of retail goods and discounts


You don’t need to be a business that books multiple flights to benefit, Qantas Points are earnt on every airfare – there’s no minimum spend.

If you take advantage of online payment service B2Bpay to pay all your business expenses online, you can earn Qantas Points on every transaction you make – even on payments to the ATO. B2Bpay has partnered with Qantas Business Rewards, so you can have your Qantas Busines Rewards membership waived when you join.

Joining a frequent flyer program and using B2Bpay is an easy way to keep your business travel costs down while maximising the rewards you can earn.

  • Points Tip: If your business has employees, they can become additional cardholders on your business account. This means your business is earning reward points on all your purchases in addition to those of your staff members. With Qantas Business Rewards you can transfer your Qantas Points to reward and incentivise your employees with flights.

Use your card for everyday business expenses

It’s important to remember that you can potentially earn points on every transaction you make, whether it’s thousands of dollars or spare change.

Although you can earn more points on transactions with B2Bpay bonus billers or Qantas partners, this does not mean you should only use card payments for those transactions.

Using your card as a form of petty cash for essential office stationery supplies or even just a morning coffee run generates you points which can add up over time. Lunches, office supplies and of course coffee can potentially tally up hundreds of points each week. Even more if you use partner retailers within your rewards program.

Using your card for everyday purchases is the best way to maximise rewards for your business, as these business necessities are all earning you points at the same time.

  • Points tip: Card surcharges can be offset as a tax-deductible expense in many cases for a small business.

If you’re ready to start making the most rewards out of all your business spend, you need to start looking at B2Bpay.

With B2Bpay, you can become a Qantas Business Rewards member and earn reward points and Qantas Points on every transaction – even ATO payments.

There are no start-up costs and it’s a completely online portal – so sign up here today and start boosting your small business rewards.