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Our 6 Technology Hacks to Get Your Business Ready for 2021

Raise your hand if you can’t wait to see the end of 2020? Everyone? And if you’re taking a much needed end of year break, why not use the time to plan killer strategies for your business in the new year? Take your workflow from simply churning, to reaching mind-blowing success in 2021 with 6 of our best technology hacks.


1. Schedule it. Post it. Stay ahead. Stay relevant.


Some might say, business is only as successful as your social media posts. While that may not be completely accurate, it is important to have an influential online presence.

To achieve this, balance is key. Especially if you are a small business owner without a designated social media manager, you likely can’t spend the majority of your time running profiles on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Yet, social media can be an extremely powerful digital tool for brand marketing and customer engagement. It’s all about reach!

Hootsuite, Buffer and Loomly are great social media management platforms to ease the burden of maintaining a social media presence, by allowing you to schedule posts, interact and engage with your audience. Some platforms even provide content ideas to help build relevant posts.


2. Have direct contact with your customers


Have a new product range coming up? Want to reward loyal clients with a VIP sale? Customers want to feel special, and believe it or not, they also want to hear directly from you.  Plus, a growing customer email database is invaluable for ongoing and new sales.

Email marketing services such as MailChimp and Constant Contact can help design and send newsletters quickly and efficiently. You will also be able to review which newsletters had the best open rate and click through success. The more emails opened, the better the engagement!


3. Keep files and documents organised, secure and accessible


As your business expands, so will your paperwork. Important documents, images and client correspondence need to be stored safely, which is best accomplished by using a digital cloud.

Using file storage and access tools like Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote offers a backup solution to give you peace of mind. Also security settings allow access from anywhere through any device.


4. A strong, successful team collaborates.


No doubt, remote working trends are here to stay. Communication and collaboration software like Asana and will keep you and your team in check regarding weekly and daily tasks!

Zoom and Skype for Business are great video conferencing tools to maintain face-to-face interaction. Slack and Google Hangouts work well when it comes to daily, frequent communication.


5. Find your next awesome freelancer


Sometimes there’s a busy season or tricky project that calls for an extra pair of creative hands.

The good news is, there are a ton of great freelancers out there. However, finding the perfect one with reasonable rates can feel like searching for a needle in the haystack.

Whether you’re looking for someone to do work on a straightforward logo design or build a mobile app from scratch, look into outsourcing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork and

Depending on which site you use, projects and job descriptions can be sent through or posted publicly. Some sites allow freelancers to contact you directly or will be screened prior. You can also browse profiles, checking the freelancer’s star ratings and starting hourly rates. Some sites offer per project rates.

Make sure payment agreements are confirmed upfront. You don’t want any surprises. Most sites won’t release your payment to the freelancer until you’re completely satisfied with the completed task.


6. Make sure you get paid


After providing top notch products and offering 5-star customer service, getting paid is what keeps a healthy cashflow.

Don’t get stuck in the drudgery of chasing payments. Instead, make sure to use an efficient payments app that’s easy and versatile for clients to use. Credit cards and online payments are now the majority of clients’ preferred payment method, so ensuring you can accept these payments also ensures you’ll get paid as soon as possible!

Payment process systems like B2Bpay will offer different features, so do some research to figure out what works best for your business.

We suggestion asking the following questions, such as – what are the transaction fees? Are all credit cards accepted? Are there any additional perks like earning business credit card rewards or Qantas Points?


How do I pick the right technology for my business?


Make sure whatever digital tool you go with, it’s as nimble as your business. Technology should be seamless and hassle-free. The less clicks it takes to get to what you want, the better! Most of all, if a platform feels clunky to use at first, it probably is.

Here are some questions to think about as you go through the different technology options for various business needs:

  • Is there a free trial?
  • Is it easy to use for all parties involved?
  • Is it easily accessible from any location and any device?
  • Is customer support responsive and helpful? Is additional training available?
  • Does it integrate with the other digital tools I’m using?

And finally the most important question – will it help my business grow?

Now you’re all set to kick serious business goals! Make 2021 your year.

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Remember Your Staff With Branded Gifts this Holiday

With the year quickly coming to an end, it seems like the holidays will be upon us in no time! Trying to keep on top of an ever-growing gift list, in addition to maintaining a busy work and personal schedule often proves challenging. However, with so many friends and family to remember at the holidays, it’s easy to overlook those people who you work alongside every single day!

Staff appreciation gifts are a great way to reward, thank and motivate your team, which is why we wanted to introduce you to our sister company, Gift Card Store. With gift cards from Gift Card Store, you can be confident you’re giving a gift your staff will love as they can buy whatever, from wherever, whenever they like – no unwanted gifts! At a time when many businesses are still working remotely, what better way to remember your staff?


What is Gift Card Store?


The Gift Card Store is an Australian company, and a division of Zenith Payments Pty Ltd, offering plastic and virtual gift cards suitable for all occasions. Unlike retailer gift cards, our gift cards can be used anywhere, with no redemption process. We offer a Prepaid Mastercard or Visa card, which can be used anywhere that Mastercard or Visa is accepted – up to 37 million stores worldwide and online!

Just keep in mind that our Virtual Gift Card is only available as a Mastercard! Otherwise, cards are ready to use once activated, and the recipient can spend the card on what they want, when they want, where they want. Prepaid cards are much more secure than cash, store cards or paper vouchers, as lost/stolen cards can be replaced.


How does Gift Card Store work?


Gift Card Store can accept orders from customers residing in the US, England and New Zealand however the delivery address must be within Australia. These are prepaid single-load cards that can be used at any store where Mastercard and/or Visa is accepted and can be processed electronically.

Even better, we give you the freedom to design your own gift card by easily uploading your favourite image. Or, simply choose from one of our hundreds of designs, created for every special occasion! Gift Card Store has a wide and exciting variety of Mastercard and Visa cards to choose from, with worldwide and online acceptance. For physical gift cards, express shipping is available Australia wide, and you will receive an email confirmation once the card has been dispatched. Otherwise, Virtual Cards can be sent instantly and are perfect for last minute gifts, or to surprise your staff working from home!

And there’s no rush for your recipient to use their card – in fact, all cards include a 3-year expiry. The card will expire at the end of the month stated on the front of the card.


How do I design my own Gift Card?


Great question! Designing your Gift Card can be a great way to add a personal touch to your gift. Head to our site and use our simple drag and drop tool to upload your image, and preview how it will look! Specifications can be found here. It’s the perfect way to show you care, and every time they use the card they will have a reminder of you!


So don’t worry about gift ideas this holiday season! Save time and stress by easily sending a gift of appreciation that your staff and coworkers will love.


Click here to shop now!

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How to Pay BPAY With Your Credit Card

As many Australians are familiar, BPAY is an electronic bill payment system in Australia which enables payments to be made through a financial institution’s online mobile or telephone banking facility to organisations which are registered BPAY billers. BPAY can be used to pay bills from over 45,000 businesses including most major household bills! To make a payment, a customer would visit his or her Australian financial institution’s online, mobile or telephone banking facility, where he or she would enter the biller code, reference number and payment amount as well as an indication of the account to be debited, which may also be a credit card. However, some billers do not accept credit cards (or accept payment from a limited list of credit cards) in payment through BPAY, which can be a major inconvenience for many business owners.

So…can I use BPAY using my credit card?

Yes you can, but you should check if you are being charged as a purchase or a cash advance! Some banks might allow you to use BPAY with your credit card if the biller does not accept credit card payments. But in the case, the transaction will be treated as a cash advance and you will be charged a cash advance fee.

So is there a way to pay with credit card, and skip the fee? One way to get around this for your business is to use B2Bpay to pay your BPAY invoices.  In fact, we already have over 30,000 suppliers with a BPAY Biller code set up in our system. And in the event you can’t find your Biller or Supplier on this list, you can simply select ‘Add new biller’ and enter their details!

How does B2Bpay work?

B2Bpay forwards your payment to your biller by BPAY – the same way as if you paid them directly. By using B2Bpay, your credit card issuer will identify the payment as a ‘general’ payment. This means that you will earn FULL credit card points on that transaction, plus it won’t be treated as a cash advance!

Which is faster – BPAY or bank transfer?

Keep in mind that if you are using B2Bpay to make a BPAY payment, you will need to allow 3 business days for the payment to be made. If you are paying a supplier directly via EFT, the funds will usually land in their account instantly or within 1 business day.

What rewards can I earn using my credit card to make BPAY payments?

As mentioned above, using B2Bpay to make a BPAY payment, the payment will be classified as ‘General Spend’ and you will therefore earn your FULL credit card reward points on the payment. What’s more, by using B2Bpay you’ll earn additional Qantas Points (1 point per $100 paid) on top of this (via your Qantas Business Rewards Account).

How to make a BPAY payment using B2Bpay?

It’s really simple. Register for B2Bpay, which you can do straight away (and it’s free). And then you follow the following steps:

  1. 1. Find the BPAY logo on your email or paper bill which will show your Biller code.
  2. 2. Log in to B2Bpay
  3. 3. Select Add a new Biller
  4. 4. Enter the BPAY Biller Code
  5. 5. Make the payment by filling in your reference details and amount.
  6. 6. That’s it! Your bill payment is complete.

To find out more about B2Bpay and sign up – visit our homepage.

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Earn Credit Card Points When You Pay Your Tax Bills

Every business comes with unavoidable expenses, and tax bills are at the top of the list. While the costs can be hefty, what if you could earn frequent flyer points while making your payments to the ATO?

As long as you go about it correctly, you can definitely pay your ATO tax bill using your business credit card, allowing you to earn maximum reward points!

This article will explore your options for paying the ATO via credit card, the fees associated with paying via credit card, and the best way to maximise the rewards points you receive from paying your tax bill (including a great hack for earning extra Qantas Points!).

Can you pay the ATO by credit card?

Yes, you can pay the ATO using your credit card – including Visa, MasterCard or Amex. The fees associated with paying the ATO vary based on which card you use, so make sure you use the chart below to identify exactly how much you’ll be charged in credit card fees.


Does the ATO accept Amex payments?

Yes, the ATO accepts payments from Amex cards. However, the fee for paying the ATO with an Amex card is 1.45%, which is significantly higher than other domestic credit cards.


What are the benefits of paying the ATO by credit card?

There are some good reasons why paying your tax bills by credit card makes sense:

Cash flow

Paying the ATO by credit card means the money doesn’t leave your bank account straight away. Instead you can hold onto your cash during the interest-free period on your credit card, and it won’t cost you any interest if you pay your credit card bill on time^. It can also help you avoid any late payment fees or interest charges if you don’t have the cash available on the due date.

Credit card fees may be tax-deductible

You may be able to claim your credit card processing fee as a tax deduction for your business, which helps offset the additional cost of paying ATO bills by credit card. However, any interest you pay for late credit card payments is generally not tax-deductible.

Credit history

Paying your bills by credit card can be good for your credit history, provided you always pay your credit card bills on time.

Reward points

You may be able to earn rewards points on your tax payments, which wouldn’t be possible if you pay the ATO straight out of your own pocket.


What should I watch out for when paying the ATO by credit card?

Reduced or zero rewards points earned

Traditionally, the big downside of paying ATO and government bills – and other bills such as insurance, rates and utilities – on credit card is that these billers are often categorised by your card issuer to earn reduced or ZERO credit card rewards points.

In other words, they’ll let you pay these bills using your credit card (and charge you a credit card processing fee), but you won’t get the full benefit of rewards points.

ATO credit card payment fees

Another downside of paying by credit card is that you’ll pay a card payment fee that wouldn’t apply if you were paying by direct debit.

The ATO charges the following card payment fees:

 Card  Fee
 American Express  1.45%
 MasterCard – International  2.70%
 MasterCard – Domestic Debit  0.15%
 MasterCard – Domestic Credit  0.70%
 Visa – International  2.70%
 Visa – Domestic Debit  0.15%
 Visa – Domestic Credit    0.78%


The trade off with card payment fees is that higher fee cards often earn more reward points per dollar than lower fee cards, so the extra benefit may outweigh the extra cost.

Interest if you don’t pay your card off

If you don’t pay off your credit card bill by the due date, you could end up paying additional interest to your card issuer on top of your ATO tax bills and card payment fees.

Some credit cards charge as much as 20% p.a. interest on overdue amounts, which could mean a significant penalty if you’ve put a large tax bill on your card. Again, any interest you pay for late credit card payments is generally not tax-deductible.


How do I get the most rewards point when I pay the ATO by credit card?

While card issuers will give you reduced or zero credit card reward points when you pay the ATO, you can increase the reward points you earn by using a third-party payment service like B2Bpay.


What is B2Bpay and how does it work?

B2Bpay is a third-party payment service that allows you to pay all your business expenses* online using your credit card.

Unlike using credit cards directly, B2Bpay allows you to pay the ATO while earning FULL credit card points (including Amex).

That means you can earn at least double the credit card points^ than if you paid directly, without paying double the credit card processing fee. Plus you can receive additional bonus Qantas Points on top of that, helping your reward points stack up even faster.


How many points can I earn (and what can I do with them)?

If you paid $240,000 per year in BAS, payroll taxes and other business expenses using B2Bpay, you could earn:

    • 240,000 Qantas Points (or credit card points) every year*, plus
    • 2,400 Qantas Points for your business every year (or even more by paying B2Bpay Bonus Billers).

How much does it cost to use B2Bpay?

The only fee for using B2Bpay is a card processing fee – which ranges from 1.2% to 2.4% excl. GST (or 0.84% to 1.64% after eligible company tax deduction) depending on your card type.

This fee is outweighed by the value of the credit card and Qantas Points you can earn, plus the cash flow benefits of holding onto your cash longer.


Get started now

Paying your ATO bills by credit card offers a number of potential benefits for business owners, including credit card reward points. And if you’re disciplined about paying your credit card off each month, these benefits can easily outweigh the additional costs.

To start turning your tax bills into rewards points, join B2Bpay free below or click here to find out more.

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How to Accept Credit Card Payments On Your Invoice For Free

Receiving payments on time feels great, chasing invoices doesn’t. Whether you’re running your trade business or own a marketing agency, it can be a big task to stay on top of who has paid and what is still outstanding.

An automated payment process that is convenient for both you and your clients can prevent admin headaches and flexible options that encourage immediate payment can keep your business revenue flowing nicely.

Did you know that you can accept credit card payments directly from your invoice…for free?


Collect payment quickly and efficiently


Firstly, here are some basic tips we think can help you set up a bulletproof invoice system. After all, you’ve done the hard work–now it’s time to get paid!

  • Send the invoice to your client as soon as services are rendered. Keep your business and the awesome work you did fresh in their minds.
  • Clearly state payment terms and due dates. Whether that’s 14, 30 or 60 days.
  • Provide multiple payment options on your invoice so your customers can always make a payment whenever and wherever they are
  • Make your payment options as convenient and easy for the client as possible so they can pay immediately. No fuss. Just a few easy clicks.


B2Bpay: Convenient. Easy. Free


With Australia gradually becoming cashless, businesses are turning to digital payments more and more. A Deloitte whitepaper states that 82% of businesses find that credit and debit card is a faster way to make payment.

B2Bpay is a secure online payments solution that accepts all credit cards without any cost to you. You couldn’t make it any easier for your customers to pay you.

Imagine being paid immediately after sending an invoice! By linking B2Bpay on your invoices, customers can pay you online with any credit card via a branded payment page. Voila! Instant payment.


How does B2Bpay work?


B2Bpay is completely digital, accessible 24/7, and mobile optimised, making the process straightforward. The steps couldn’t be any easier:

  1. Invoice your customer with the B2Bpay payment option included.
  2. Your customer pays via an online payment page with your branding using their nominated credit card
  3. Funds are transferred to you via EFT or BPAY within 3 business days.
  4. B2Bpay can easily be integrated to your accounting software, whether that be Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks . No need to spend precious time tediously crosschecking bank statements or manually entering customers’ credit card details.


With B2Bpay, you also generate points each time you’re paid. You earn 1 Qantas Point is for every $20 paid to you via Mastercard or VISA.


Becoming a B2Bpay Biller:


Setting up B2Bpay for your business’ accounts receivable is easy. Most importantly, it’s free. There’s no monthly charges, no merchant service fees. No additional costs to you at all. To join B2Bpay as a biller, all you need to do is:


  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Wait for a B2Bpay customer specialist to contact you for further details about your business and request your logo.
  3. Have the B2Bpay team set up a payment portal for you. They will also provide information to add to your invoice.
  4. Add the information to your invoice and you’re ready to go!


Why B2Bpay?


B2Bpay rewards your business for getting paid. So, if it’s free to set up, why wouldn’t you use B2Bpay? Invoicing can be an admin nightmare as well as taking you away from focusing on your business. B2Bpay completely eliminates that hassle.

As a B2Bpay Biller, your business will grow and thrive because you will:

  • Get paid faster and reduce payment chasing
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Offer your clients a convenient payment option
  • Be able to track what’s been paid from any device at any time
  • Have easy to use reports for forecasting and monitoring pending payments

Avoid having to make that dreaded late payment phone call to your clients. Have them pay you without the chase.

Sign up today to become a B2Bpay biller at no cost. If you have questions or would like to speak to one of our specialists, call 1300 205 575.

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Tips On How To Use Your Business Card to Maximise Value

Despite more and more Australians going cashless, there’s still many who don’t accept credit card payments. Frustrating, right? Especially when you just want to use your business credit card and earn some points along the way. Read on as we uncover how you can enjoy extra benefits and perks from your business card to maximise value–even when your biller doesn’t accept credit card. Yes, it is possible!


Why get a business credit card?


Still tossing up on whether to just keep paying both personal and business expenses on your personal card? Our reasons will help you make a very clear decision to sign up for a business credit card. You won’t look back.

1. Keep It Separated

Paying business related expenses on your business credit card takes away a huge headache come tax time. All expenses are conveniently recorded on your business credit card. You no longer waste precious admin going through all your statements with a fine tooth comb.

2. Flexibility

Let’s face it. When running a business, cash can sometimes be tight. If a big business expense is coming up but you’re still waiting for a client to pay up, a business credit card will help you out of hot water. When looking for the right card, be sure to compare interest rates charges and annual fees. Also check the interest free period.

3. Additional Perks

Different cards offer different rewards programs. Some may offer more credit card points per every dollar spent while others offer cash back for travel, hotel accommodation, cash, even petrol. Find the right rewards program that is is most lucrative and suited to your business needs!

And whatever credit card you decide to go with, make sure you can maximise those rewards.


What is B2Bpay?


B2Bpay is a secure online platform that provides a seamless payment process. As a centralised solution, you can pay all your business expenses with a credit card, giving you maximum potential on earning points. Even if the biller doesn’t accept credit card payments, B2Bpay will transfer funds by EFT or BPAY.

You get to make payments hassle-free and still enjoy earning your credit card rewards.

Registration for a B2Bpay account is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Complete the online form
  2. Upon receiving a Welcome Email, a password set up link will be included
  3. Login, pay bills and start earning points on all your business expenses. As an option, you can also connect B2Bpay to your accounting software.

By using B2Bpay, payments can be scheduled as one-off, automatic or future-dated, avoiding late payment fees. Billers are paid EFT or BPay within 3 days and there is no extra cost to them. Financial benefits for everyone!


Earn Credit Card and Qantas points on ALL business expenses


Once setting up your B2Bpay account, you can immediately start earning credit card and Qantas points.

B2Bpay takes away the hassle of all that extra paper work when filling out a different payment form for each biller. Even if the biller doesn’t accept credit card, B2Bpay accepts your business credit card so you can generate points with every business expense paid.

Dreading those big ticket bills like telcos and insurance? With B2Bpay, you still earn full points, even with ATO and government payments. With many credit cards, you earn no or reduced points when paying them directly. It’s just another great reason to use B2Bpay and maximise the value of your business credit card.


B2Bpay: Profitability through payment


A Deloitte report investigating how small-medium sized businesses can optimise opportunities in digital payment discovered that, “By utilising the B2Bpay platform, SME’s could attract significant value, potentially at a level of approximately 7% of expenses paid.”

Complete digital access from any device makes B2Bpay the most efficient payment solution and helps cut administration time and additional banking costs. No more cumbersome paperwork!


Why B2Bpay?


Who would’ve thought paying business expenses can actually help your business grow and thrive? The benefits of making payments through B2Bpay include:

Boost cash flow

Cash flow is the backbone to any business. With B2Bpay, you can take advantage of your credit card’s up to 55 day interest free period, meaning you can better manage and boost your business’ cash flow.

Get ahead of payments

The B2Bpay dashboard gives you full access and visibility to all payments. Setting scheduled payments help you monitor expenses. No more shocks from sudden bills or scrambling to make last minute payments!

You can check out what’s already been paid and what’s pending. Remember: Keeping realistic forecasts can help your business grow and thrive.

It’s not a cash advance

Unlike B2Bpay, other payment systems immediately charge an interest. There is also no opportunity to earn points. The B2Bpay platform encourages businesses to increase their profits through payments.

B2Bpay: Endless potential

B2Bpay offers invaluable opportunities in earning points through payments and making the most of your business credit card. The moment you start a B2Bpay account, the potential to build more financial success for your business is endless. Why wait?

Click HERE to sign up to B2Bpay today and maximise your business card’s value with credit card and Qantas points.

Call 1300 205 575 to speak to one of our specialists or drop us a line.

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How Does the Qantas Business Rewards System Work?

One of the most popular B2Bpay benefits is the ability to earn Qantas Business Rewards points when you make or receive eligible payments. But many B2Bpay merchants and customers might be wondering–how exactly does the Qantas Business Rewards system work? We’ll take you through the details below.


How does Qantas Business Rewards work?


Unlike Frequent Flyers, which is offered for individuals, Qantas Business Rewards is a rewards program designed for Australian small to medium sized businesses. An active ABN is required. Qantas Business Rewards members can access exclusive discounts on eligible Qantas flights, upgrades and hotels.

You and your employees can earn Qantas Points for your business for expenses such as Qantas flights, hotels, car hire and much more. Near or far, every business trip will earn points.


How are points earned?


With over 50 service partners, Business Rewards members are able to earn points when paying car hire, petrol, credit card spend, office supplies, equipment and technology.

Even when paying business expenses like utility bills or ATO payments, there’s an opportunity to generate Qantas Business Reward Points. B2Bpay is a Qantas partner who offer 3 Qantas Points for every $1.50 spent.

As a secure online payment portal, B2Bpay allows you to pay all of your business expenses using your existing business credit or debit card. From buying new office software to paying the electricity bill, you will earn Qantas Points with B2Bpay transactions.


How can points be used?


The Qantas Business Rewards program allows its members to treat themselves, as well as their staff, to a wide range of services. Alongside flights, hotel and flight upgrades, the points can be used for:

  • Car hire
  • Gift cards
  • Discounted membership for Qantas Club
  • Shopping at the Qantas Rewards Store, with over 8,000 products to choose from, including electronics, homeware and luggage
  • Wine

By using the Qantas Calculator, Business Rewards Members can get an idea of how they can use their points.


Can points be transferred to a Qantas Frequent Flyer account?


Qantas makes it super easy for you to move points over to an individual Frequent Flyer account. Business Rewards members simply head over to the Qantas website and log in to the Transfer Points page.

You can choose who you want to transfer the points to by entering the recipient’s name and Qantas Frequent Flyer number. As long as it’s a minimum of 3,000 points, there is no limit to how many points you can transfer.


Can you join the Qantas Business Rewards program for free?


Yes! For a limited time only, you can become a Qantas Business Rewards member for FREE. Start earning Qantas Points for you and your business today!


How can you earn Qantas Points through B2Bpay?


When you sign up to receive payments, you’ll be able to include B2Bpay payment info directly on your invoice. You can do this from within your accounting software including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks (plus others). Payments are made via the customer’s elected credit card, and funds are transferred to you by EFT or BPAY within 3 business days.

Then, you’ll receive 1 Qantas Point for every $20 paid to you via Mastercard or VISA and watch your points grow!

B2Bpay special offers:


B2Bpay is currently offering a special limited offer for businesses to easily earn Qantas Points!

Sign up to B2Bpay by 8 November to earn 20,000 Qantas Points when receiving up to $20,000 worth of payments from clients before 30 November, 2020.

Want to earn 30,000 Qantas Points? Sign up to B2Bpay by 8 November and set up your system to receive and make payments. Then all you have to do is make a total of $10,000 in payments and receive a total of $20,000 payments or more before 30 November, 2020.

B2Bpay has never made it easier for businesses to be paid. No more invoice chasing. No more additional admin work.

Join B2Bpay for free and start making more of a profit through your invoices.

Need to speak to a specialist? Call us on 1300 205 575 or drop us a line.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Great service overall! Fantastic customer service and a very helpful support team really gave me confidence early on in my B2Bpay journey! I really do recommend for anyone who wants to get value and pay it your own way."
James Donaldson
Google Reviews

If you’re considering offering card payment options to your customers, you’ve no doubt discovered that there are a variety of services to choose from. The choice can be overwhelming, so you may be wondering—what sets B2Bpay apart? We figure there’s no better way to tell you than to share what some of our 11,000  B2Bpay customers are saying themselves!

Many of B2Bpay’s benefits are clear. When it comes to receiving payments, B2Bpay allows you to get paid faster by accepting all card payments, at no cost to you. Payments are seamless, with customers simply needing to click a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoice to open a secure payment page with your logo. Plus, getting set up to use B2Bpay is easier than many other platforms, with no IT build, bank set up, or MSF fees.

And if you’re looking to make payments with B2Bpay, you’ll be able to improve cash flow, save time, and pay ALL your bills using any credit card. Better yet, you’ll be able to view and pay these bills from most major accounting platforms with one of our convenient software integrations.

But beyond the technical, B2Bpay offers a personal experience many of our competitors don’t—top notch customer service from an Australian-owned and based company.

Now let’s see what our users have to say!

Google Reviews

Xero Marketplace Reviews

Facebook Reviews

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Top 5 Apps on the Xero Marketplace

When it comes to online accounting, Xero is a great option for many businesses. From importing bank transactions to sending out automated invoices, Xero saves time and money for business owners. The cloud bookkeeping platform allows its subscribers (over 2 million and counting!) to check in on their business growth at anytime from anywhere.

Check out our list of Top 5 apps on the Xero marketplace, that small businesses using Xero should know about. These apps offer seamless integration with Xero, streamlining business and operation processes such as payments, pay runs, inventory control and much more.

Best Payroll HR app – Tanda

Fulfilling timely pay runs is crucial for a business, but can be stressful, especially when  workforces are a mix of permanent, part-time and casual staff. Keeping track of frequent changes in rostered days and shifts can also be tricky.

Tanda manages rostering, timesheets and pay rates of every staff member, freeing up business owners from menial administrative tasks. Tanda is the ideal payroll system that can record workforce data accurately while catering to business growth and expansion.

With one click, the Tanda-Xero integration imports timesheets directly to the Xero payroll. No more double data entry. The stress that usually comes with the payroll process is reduced. Most importantly, staff are paid correctly and on time for every pay run.

Best Inventory app – DEAR Inventory

Imagine your best-selling product being out of stock. It’s a nightmare for any wholesaler or retailer.

DEAR Inventory is a centralised order and inventory management that controls and manages products, customers, suppliers, purchases and sales. Its efficient inventory management can help identify consumer demands and potential growth areas.

By connecting DEAR Inventory in Xero, all inventory-related purchases, sales and manufacturing data will synchronise over to Xero. Invoices, bills and journal entries can then be created automatically from Xero, helping businesses save time and increase productivity.

Best CRM app – Insightly

Strong, lasting relationships are a key element to business success. With each business relationship unique and constantly changing, keeping interactions flowing and consistent can be a juggle.

With over 1.5 million users in over 25,000 organisations, Insightly is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software with ease of use functionality. As a cloud CRM, Insightly allows users to create new contacts, managing opportunities and sending mass emails, from any device.

The Insightly-Xero integration syncs contact details as well as sales opportunities while also tracking Xero invoices and bills. Sales staff can create new Xero invoice drafts in Insightly. No more valuable time wasted on cross referencing customer details and double entries, allowing faster sales lead times and chasing bigger deals.

Best e-commerce app – A2X

Being an online retailer can have some great advantages with little overhead costs and the ability to run business from pretty much anywhere. However, entering sales transactions and staying on top of the bookkeeping can take up precious time and resources.

A2X makes life easier for Amazon and Shopify sellers by automatically posting all store sales into Xero. Online retailers no longer need to manually pull out fees, refunds or adjustments and can take peace of mind knowing all of the calculations have been done by Xero.

The seamless integration to Xero has earned A2X a Featured App as well as one of Xero’s Top Picks. With 175 reviews and a consistent 5 star rating over at Xero marketplace, A2X can do no wrong in helping online retailers and merchants streamline their back office to enjoy online business growth and success.

Best Payments app – B2Bpay

What if you could earn Qantas Points from paying business expenses, but also when receiving payments from clients?

B2Bpay is a secure online payment portal for businesses to pay all of their invoices using their existing credit card.

Businesses can earn credit card and Qantas Points when making payments. Credit card points are also generated when paying all business expenses. Full points are also earned on ATO, insurance, telco and utilities bills.

Become a B2Bpay Biller and earn Qantas Points each time a client makes a payment (1 Qantas Point for every $20 paid by VISA or Mastercard). Get paid faster and improve cash flow with a “Pay Now” button on invoices. A simple click directs your client to a secure payment page, branded with your company logo.

Through the B2Bpay-Xero integration bills that are paid will be automatically updated to “Paid” in Xero. Payment processing fees are also recorded as an expense, which will be a time saver during tax time.

When receiving payments as a B2Bpay Biller, the “Pay Now” button on invoices will be connected to Xero where client payments are automatically recorded and reconciled.

Click HERE to join B2Bpay at no extra cost and start the integration with Xero today. For further information, feel free to chat with one of our specialists on 1300 205 575.

Already using the integration? Feel free to us a review over at the Xero Business Community.

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How This Boutique Business Owner Earns 50,000 Points Monthly

Saving time is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges facing any small, rapidly growing business. This was true for Andrew Wilcox, who co-owns Hop Vine & Still bottle shop in Hobart with his wife, Bek. As they juggle a young baby and growing business, Wilcox admits to being “very busy” at this point.

However, he finally found an easy time-saving hack with B2Bpay, an online portal he describes as quicker to use than internet banking.

And in addition to the time management benefits, Wilcox manages to earn 50,000 Qantas Points monthly with B2Bpay by funneling 90 per cent of business expenses through his American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card, and more again by doing so on the B2Bpay platform.

Many of his suppliers are also B2Bpay “bonus billers”, so he earns extra points when he pays these suppliers. As a result, he’s accumulating these 50,000 points per month simply by paying invoices! “That adds value not only to our business, but to use as well, for future travel,” he says.

As an independent, he stocks his shop with product he likes, excited by the demand for preservative and sulphur-free wines, as well as the emergence of non-alcoholic white spirits. Customers tell him they’ve travelled to his state just to sample local gins. “Tasmania has itself set up as a gin lover’s destination,” says Wilcox. “And we are passionate Tasmanians.”

Before opening their small business and becoming parents, Wilcox and his wife spent time travelling, pairing food and wine in Bologna and getting engaged in Berlin. Once able to travel again, they plan to head to France’s Champagne and Bordeaux regions. And when that time comes, they’re planning to use the Qantas Points their business has earned for a first-class flight.