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Smart method one small business owner implemented to get enough points to fly first class to Europe

Alissa Light of Tooradin Bakery in Victoria uses points earned from making business payments to fly first class. She managed to do this by simply changing the way she paid her bills. These were payments she had to make anyway, but by using B2Bpay, this allowed her to use her high points earning Amex card.

What is B2Bpay?

B2Bpay is a secure payment portal in partnership with Qantas Business Rewards which allows small business owners to pay business expenses using their credit card, even if the biller doesn’t accept card themselves.

How can B2Bpay turbo boost your Qantas Points balance?

SME’s paying bills using B2Bpay can earn Qantas Points as well as the usual credit card reward points from their issuer on all expenses, even on tax and utility bills.

“Rewards can be game changing for small business who work tirelessly at all hours,” Alissa said. Alissa’s point balance grew and grew over the past year, even though many of her suppliers don’t accept Amex. Thanks to B2Bpay, she has already taken one trip in style and has another one planned.

“We got to fly first class to Singapore and next on the agenda is Europe flying Business and First. I haven’t had to pay a cent, this has all been done with points”, she said. “Flying first class is something I had never done before, until I started using B2Bpay. And seeing paying bills I simply have to do as a small business owner, it’s really nice to be rewarded for that.”

Businesses prefer to pay by card

Kevin Butler, General Manager at B2Bpay’s parent company, Zenith Payments said that they have designed B2Bpay by looking into ways that businesses actually want to make payments.

“Businesses have been left slightly behind the eight ball in terms of efficient payment methods; consumers make a lot of payments via cards. We found that businesses were paying their suppliers there had been a lack of card acceptance, making the process difficult.”

“Simply enabling businesses to pay via card made a lot of sense to us,” Kevin said.

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