Despite more and more Australians going cashless, there’s still many who don’t accept credit card payments. Frustrating, right? Especially when you just want to use your business credit card and earn some points along the way. Read on as we uncover how you can enjoy extra benefits and perks from your business card to maximise value–even when your biller doesn’t accept credit card. Yes, it is possible!


Why get a business credit card?


Still tossing up on whether to just keep paying both personal and business expenses on your personal card? Our reasons will help you make a very clear decision to sign up for a business credit card. You won’t look back.

1. Keep It Separated

Paying business related expenses on your business credit card takes away a huge headache come tax time. All expenses are conveniently recorded on your business credit card. You no longer waste precious admin going through all your statements with a fine tooth comb.

2. Flexibility

Let’s face it. When running a business, cash can sometimes be tight. If a big business expense is coming up but you’re still waiting for a client to pay up, a business credit card will help you out of hot water. When looking for the right card, be sure to compare interest rates charges and annual fees. Also check the interest free period.

3. Additional Perks

Different cards offer different rewards programs. Some may offer more credit card points per every dollar spent while others offer cash back for travel, hotel accommodation, cash, even petrol. Find the right rewards program that is is most lucrative and suited to your business needs!

And whatever credit card you decide to go with, make sure you can maximise those rewards.


What is B2Bpay?


B2Bpay is a secure online platform that provides a seamless payment process. As a centralised solution, you can pay all your business expenses with a credit card, giving you maximum potential on earning points. Even if the biller doesn’t accept credit card payments, B2Bpay will transfer funds by EFT or BPAY.

You get to make payments hassle-free and still enjoy earning your credit card rewards.

Registration for a B2Bpay account is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Complete the online form
  2. Upon receiving a Welcome Email, a password set up link will be included
  3. Login, pay bills and start earning points on all your business expenses. As an option, you can also connect B2Bpay to your accounting software.

By using B2Bpay, payments can be scheduled as one-off, automatic or future-dated, avoiding late payment fees. Billers are paid EFT or BPay within 3 days and there is no extra cost to them. Financial benefits for everyone!


Earn Credit Card and Qantas points on ALL business expenses


Once setting up your B2Bpay account, you can immediately start earning credit card and Qantas points.

B2Bpay takes away the hassle of all that extra paper work when filling out a different payment form for each biller. Even if the biller doesn’t accept credit card, B2Bpay accepts your business credit card so you can generate points with every business expense paid.

Dreading those big ticket bills like telcos and insurance? With B2Bpay, you still earn full points, even with ATO and government payments. With many credit cards, you earn no or reduced points when paying them directly. It’s just another great reason to use B2Bpay and maximise the value of your business credit card.


B2Bpay: Profitability through payment


A Deloitte report investigating how small-medium sized businesses can optimise opportunities in digital payment discovered that, “By utilising the B2Bpay platform, SME’s could attract significant value, potentially at a level of approximately 7% of expenses paid.”

Complete digital access from any device makes B2Bpay the most efficient payment solution and helps cut administration time and additional banking costs. No more cumbersome paperwork!


Why B2Bpay?


Who would’ve thought paying business expenses can actually help your business grow and thrive? The benefits of making payments through B2Bpay include:

Boost cash flow

Cash flow is the backbone to any business. With B2Bpay, you can take advantage of your credit card’s up to 55 day interest free period, meaning you can better manage and boost your business’ cash flow.

Get ahead of payments

The B2Bpay dashboard gives you full access and visibility to all payments. Setting scheduled payments help you monitor expenses. No more shocks from sudden bills or scrambling to make last minute payments!

You can check out what’s already been paid and what’s pending. Remember: Keeping realistic forecasts can help your business grow and thrive.

It’s not a cash advance

Unlike B2Bpay, other payment systems immediately charge an interest. There is also no opportunity to earn points. The B2Bpay platform encourages businesses to increase their profits through payments.

B2Bpay: Endless potential

B2Bpay offers invaluable opportunities in earning points through payments and making the most of your business credit card. The moment you start a B2Bpay account, the potential to build more financial success for your business is endless. Why wait?

Click HERE to sign up to B2Bpay today and maximise your business card’s value with credit card and Qantas points.

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And our team will be in touch to get you started!

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