With the year quickly coming to an end, it seems like the holidays will be upon us in no time! Trying to keep on top of an ever-growing gift list, in addition to maintaining a busy work and personal schedule often proves challenging. However, with so many friends and family to remember at the holidays, it’s easy to overlook those people who you work alongside every single day!

Staff appreciation gifts are a great way to reward, thank and motivate your team, which is why we wanted to introduce you to our sister company, Gift Card Store. With gift cards from Gift Card Store, you can be confident you’re giving a gift your staff will love as they can buy whatever, from wherever, whenever they like – no unwanted gifts! At a time when many businesses are still working remotely, what better way to remember your staff?


What is Gift Card Store?


The Gift Card Store is an Australian company, and a division of Zenith Payments Pty Ltd, offering plastic and virtual gift cards suitable for all occasions. Unlike retailer gift cards, our gift cards can be used anywhere, with no redemption process. We offer a Prepaid Mastercard or Visa card, which can be used anywhere that Mastercard or Visa is accepted – up to 37 million stores worldwide and online!

Just keep in mind that our Virtual Gift Card is only available as a Mastercard! Otherwise, cards are ready to use once activated, and the recipient can spend the card on what they want, when they want, where they want. Prepaid cards are much more secure than cash, store cards or paper vouchers, as lost/stolen cards can be replaced.


How does Gift Card Store work?


Gift Card Store can accept orders from customers residing in the US, England and New Zealand however the delivery address must be within Australia. These are prepaid single-load cards that can be used at any store where Mastercard and/or Visa is accepted and can be processed electronically.

Even better, we give you the freedom to design your own gift card by easily uploading your favourite image. Or, simply choose from one of our hundreds of designs, created for every special occasion! Gift Card Store has a wide and exciting variety of Mastercard and Visa cards to choose from, with worldwide and online acceptance. For physical gift cards, express shipping is available Australia wide, and you will receive an email confirmation once the card has been dispatched. Otherwise, Virtual Cards can be sent instantly and are perfect for last minute gifts, or to surprise your staff working from home!

And there’s no rush for your recipient to use their card – in fact, all cards include a 3-year expiry. The card will expire at the end of the month stated on the front of the card.


How do I design my own Gift Card?


Great question! Designing your Gift Card can be a great way to add a personal touch to your gift. Head to our site and use our simple drag and drop tool to upload your image, and preview how it will look! Specifications can be found here. It’s the perfect way to show you care, and every time they use the card they will have a reminder of you!


So don’t worry about gift ideas this holiday season! Save time and stress by easily sending a gift of appreciation that your staff and coworkers will love.


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