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Here’s How Amaroo Technologies Is Taking on Bigger Business with B2Bpay

Amaroo Technologies is no stranger to innovation. The family-owned vending machine operation began 25 years ago offering a selection of drinks, chocolates and snacks. However, in recent years, the company has expanded their service  now offering everything from sausage rolls and ice cream to fresh sandwiches and ready-made meals. 

Servicing the Sydney and Brisbane areas, and specifically working with companies that run 24 hours a day, owner Bob Goss has taken the time to learn what these companies want. 

“Some of these offices are in areas with no canteen and no shops. We discovered what they wanted is real, fresh food in their vending machines, not just a can of Coke and a packet of chips,” he says. 

Not only does Amaroo offer a selection of 4 different, high-quality vending machines, but they also provide a variety of 15-20 different fresh meals, setting itself apart from many other retailers and essentially providing a catering service for companies running day and night. Their product offering is diverse, with over 70 types of drinks alone – ensuring all cravings are met. 

As a small, family-owned business, Bob understands first-hand the experience of putting in extra hours at work, for little to no reward. Yet since using B2Bpay, he has unlocked a world of rewards.  

By using B2Bpay to pay his suppliers, Bob no longer has to worry about whether or not they accept card payments, since B2Bpay allows you to pay any provider, regardless of whether or not they accept card. Plus, streamlining his workflow and tracking expenses has never been easier. 

“I absolutely love the system. It makes it easier to follow everything I’ve been spending, and I can look at info about invoices that I paid just by clicking a few buttons. I love that all the info is matched automatically in my bookkeeping software.” 

But that’s not where the benefits stop. As he has spent the past few years making payments through B2Bpay, he has also accumulated tens of thousands of Qantas Points while growing his business. 

“When I learned that B2Bpay is partnered with Qantas Business Rewards to offer points, it became even more appealing for my customers to pay me, as this really escalates our credibility as a business. Especially as we continue expanding into servicing larger businesses.” 

In the past, Bob has used his Qantas Points to upgrade on flights and fly business class with his wife, or even to purchase gift cards from time to time. He adds that B2Bpay’s recent new promotion of 1 Qantas Point for every $3 paid by bank account has made his earnings even sweeter. 

For now, Bob is continuing to grow Amaroo Technologies while accumulating points with B2Bpay, and once he’s able to travel again, he says he’ll be sure to book more business class flights. 

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