Saving time is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges facing any small, rapidly growing business. This was true for Andrew Wilcox, who co-owns Hop Vine & Still bottle shop in Hobart with his wife, Bek. As they juggle a young baby and growing business, Wilcox admits to being “very busy” at this point.

However, he finally found an easy time-saving hack with B2Bpay, an online portal he describes as quicker to use than internet banking.

And in addition to the time management benefits, Wilcox manages to earn 50,000 Qantas Points monthly with B2Bpay by funneling 90 per cent of business expenses through his American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card, and more again by doing so on the B2Bpay platform.

Many of his suppliers are also B2Bpay “bonus billers”, so he earns extra points when he pays these suppliers. As a result, he’s accumulating these 50,000 points per month simply by paying invoices! “That adds value not only to our business, but to use as well, for future travel,” he says.

As an independent, he stocks his shop with product he likes, excited by the demand for preservative and sulphur-free wines, as well as the emergence of non-alcoholic white spirits. Customers tell him they’ve travelled to his state just to sample local gins. “Tasmania has itself set up as a gin lover’s destination,” says Wilcox. “And we are passionate Tasmanians.”

Before opening their small business and becoming parents, Wilcox and his wife spent time travelling, pairing food and wine in Bologna and getting engaged in Berlin. Once able to travel again, they plan to head to France’s Champagne and Bordeaux regions. And when that time comes, they’re planning to use the Qantas Points their business has earned for a first-class flight.

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