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You Can Now Pay by Bank Account and Earn Qantas Points

Yet again, B2Bpay has proven to be a game-changer. Now offering payment by bank account as a new service, customers will now see the option to add a card or bank account to their wallet. This new service means that B2Bpay will accept payment with ALL credit cards and Australian bank accounts.

The additional bank account payment option also allows more flexibility for how Aussie businesses are paid by their customers. B2Bpay is a tailored payment solution that makes earning rewards for your business easy and simple.


Earn Qantas Points

Whether you want to pay your bills by credit card, debit card or now by bank account, you earn Qantas Points. That’s right! You’re actually building up a balance for your next holiday every time an expense is paid using B2Bpay. When paying your bill through B2Bpay with the bank account payment option, you will be rewarded with 1 Qantas Point for every $3.


Low Rates

Not keen on paying credit card processing fees when paying by credit card? Paying by bank account with B2Bpay gives you a much lower rate of 0.65% (0.46% after tax deduction). More payment options with lower processing rates makes the ideal solution for your business.

Your customers will also love the convenience of the bank account payment option, so you can avoid wasting precious time on chasing payments.


Pay ATO and other utility bills

B2Bpay lets you pay the ATO and other utility bills with ease and convenience. Whether it’s time to pay taxes or other business expenses such as electricity, office rent, paying by bank account will earn you Qantas Points. The bigger the bill, the more points you earn.


Earn points on card payments

In addition to accepting payments from Australian bank accounts, B2Bpay continues to accept payments for business bills on ALL credit cards, providing plenty of opportunity to earn reward points from the credit card issuer. Plus, joining B2Bpay doesn’t involve a set up fee. It’s absolutely free.


Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Integration

B2Bpay works seamlessly with accounting software such as Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks. Integration is easy with no fuss, saving your accounts team from spending too much admin time. No more reconciliation headaches or human error.


Multiple payment options on one platform

Credit card? Debit card? Bank account? B2Bpay is a seamless online portal offering a wide variety of payment options, providing ease for you and your customers.

Customers will pay invoices immediately as they can pay with any payment method they choose. Quick payments means a healthy robust cash flow for your business.

Earning credit card rewards and Qantas Points by paying bills sounds too good to be true, yet B2Bpay makes it possible.


Local and reliable customer support

Forget about dealing with chat bots. Simply pick up the phone and speak directly to our locally based customer service team during business hours. Emails and messages are replied to in a flash!


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Want to specifically find out more about the new bank account payment option? Call us on 1300 205 575.