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Earn travel rewards when you pay business expenses.

Are you thinking about plans for a holiday or domestic business travel? From escaping to somewhere warm or taking your small business interstate, flights are a flexible way to redeem the rewards you earn when you pay your business expenses – you can even earn upgrades!

If this all seems too easy to believe, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Small business owners across Australia are missing out on valuable rewards just like flights every year. That’s why the team at Zenith Payments, Australia’s leading payment solution provider, developed B2Bpay.

B2Bpay is a tailored payment solution that makes earning rewards for your small business simple. They’ve partnered with Qantas Business Rewards because they’re committed to offering the best rewards for their customers.

Ask yourself the question – When you pay your business expenses, what rewards are you
earning in return?

A Deloitte whitepaper found that B2Bpay users with $20,000 per month in expenses can
potentially gain 7% of their expenses paid in value, in addition to:

  • Qantas Points in addition to regular card rewards points
  • the ability to pay all business expenses, even the ATO, by credit card
  • the capacity to offer Qantas Points as an incentive to pay
  • Consolidated payment records within a secure online portal for simple expense monitoring (single invoice format reduces manual work at tax time)

To set up a free account, all you need is an ABN and valid email address to start earning more rewards to go towards your next business class flight.

Here are some tips for you to maximize your reward potential.

Which card is best for your business?

Every business has different needs depending on the industry, number of employees and annual turnover. There are, however, a couple of things every small business owner needs to know if reviewing their business rewards card:

  • Applying for new cards can be a hassle – so maximise the usage of your existing card whilst keeping an eye out for extra options
  • look for cards with a sign – up bonus and a good on – going points earn rate
  • shop around every few years to ensure your card is right for you
  • compare annual fees – a higher annual fee can often make sense as the extra benefits off set it
  • some business cards include travel insurance
  • are rewards easy to redeem online?
  • do they offer rewards you are interested in?

It’s important to remember that earning business rewards doesn’t need to be difficult.

Double dipping your business rewards with B2Bpay

In 2011, the ATO allowed small business owners to pay their BAS and income tax via card. Whilst this is good in principle, when you pay the ATO directly, most credit cards now have reduced points earn rates or no points at all.

This is where B2Bpay works to reward small business owners. If you are a B2Bpay user paying the ATO, you will earn full credit card points and even double dip your reward points by earning additional Qantas Points whilst only paying one fee to B2Bpay for the transaction.

Get in the habit of using your card for every business bill

When it comes to earning flights from business rewards, small business owners need to

It’s the little things that count

Credit cards aren’t only for big items or big bills – they are for every purchase. If your small business is making everyday payments in cash or cheque, you are leaving valuable rewards on the table.

So next time you need office catering, ink cartridges or subscriptions – don’t forget these small everyday business expenses add up to big rewards. $50 worth of transactions a week can add up to thousands of reward points annually, and additional Qantas Points with B2Bpay.

Take advantage of our Bonus B2Bpay sign up offer

To start turning your everyday business expenses into valuable rewards, join B2Bpay today by visiting www.B2Bpay.com.au

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