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How Does the Qantas Business Rewards System Work?

One of the most popular B2Bpay benefits is the ability to earn Qantas Business Rewards points when you make or receive eligible payments. But many B2Bpay merchants and customers might be wondering–how exactly does the Qantas Business Rewards system work? We’ll take you through the details below.


How does Qantas Business Rewards work?


Unlike Frequent Flyers, which is offered for individuals, Qantas Business Rewards is a rewards program designed for Australian small to medium sized businesses. An active ABN is required. Qantas Business Rewards members can access exclusive discounts on eligible Qantas flights, upgrades and hotels.

You and your employees can earn Qantas Points for your business for expenses such as Qantas flights, hotels, car hire and much more. Near or far, every business trip will earn points.


How are points earned?


With over 50 service partners, Business Rewards members are able to earn points when paying car hire, petrol, credit card spend, office supplies, equipment and technology.

Even when paying business expenses like utility bills or ATO payments, there’s an opportunity to generate Qantas Business Reward Points. B2Bpay is a Qantas partner who offer 3 Qantas Points for every $1.50 spent.

As a secure online payment portal, B2Bpay allows you to pay all of your business expenses using your existing business credit or debit card. From buying new office software to paying the electricity bill, you will earn Qantas Points with B2Bpay transactions.


How can points be used?


The Qantas Business Rewards program allows its members to treat themselves, as well as their staff, to a wide range of services. Alongside flights, hotel and flight upgrades, the points can be used for:

  • Car hire
  • Gift cards
  • Discounted membership for Qantas Club
  • Shopping at the Qantas Rewards Store, with over 8,000 products to choose from, including electronics, homeware and luggage
  • Wine

By using the Qantas Calculator, Business Rewards Members can get an idea of how they can use their points.


Can points be transferred to a Qantas Frequent Flyer account?


Qantas makes it super easy for you to move points over to an individual Frequent Flyer account. Business Rewards members simply head over to the Qantas website and log in to the Transfer Points page.

You can choose who you want to transfer the points to by entering the recipient’s name and Qantas Frequent Flyer number. As long as it’s a minimum of 3,000 points, there is no limit to how many points you can transfer.


Can you join the Qantas Business Rewards program for free?


Yes! For a limited time only, you can become a Qantas Business Rewards member for FREE. Start earning Qantas Points for you and your business today!


How can you earn Qantas Points through B2Bpay?


When you sign up to receive payments, you’ll be able to include B2Bpay payment info directly on your invoice. You can do this from within your accounting software including Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks (plus others). Payments are made via the customer’s elected credit card, and funds are transferred to you by EFT or BPAY within 3 business days.

Then, you’ll receive 1 Qantas Point for every $20 paid to you via Mastercard or VISA and watch your points grow!

B2Bpay special offers:


B2Bpay is currently offering a special limited offer for businesses to easily earn Qantas Points!

Sign up to B2Bpay by 8 November to earn 20,000 Qantas Points when receiving up to $20,000 worth of payments from clients before 30 November, 2020.

Want to earn 30,000 Qantas Points? Sign up to B2Bpay by 8 November and set up your system to receive and make payments. Then all you have to do is make a total of $10,000 in payments and receive a total of $20,000 payments or more before 30 November, 2020.

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