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Aussie businesses can now earn Qantas Points for getting paid!

  • To mark a successful first year B2Bpay, in partnership with Qantas Business Rewards, has announced an exciting enhancement to reward Australian businesses even more
  • B2Bpay is now rewarding businesses with Qantas Points when they get paid as well!

Backed by Qantas Business Rewards, online payment platform B2Bpay is revolutionising how SME’s do business and to celebrate the 1-year anniversary since its launch an exciting enhancement has been announced to deliver even more rewards for Australian businesses.

The popular online payment tool announced in April that it will be expanding its reward offering to now also offer additional Qantas Points to businesses when they get paid by customers.

“B2Bpay has had such a successful first 12 months and we are thrilled to be celebrating through introducing a major enhancement to the platform that delivers even more value to Australian business owners and their customers,” says General Manager Kevin Butler.

“We have learnt that many of the SMEs we’ve helped with simpler more rewarding ways to pay their bills also need support with how their customers pay them. Business owners often struggle to know where to start when accepting card payments. B2Bpay offers an easy solution that also boosts lucrative Qantas points balances not only for your business but for your customers as well,” adds Kevin Butler.

Businesses receiving payments on B2Bpay will now earn 1 Qantas Point for every $20 paid to them by Visa or Mastercard and their customer also earns 1 Qantas Point per $100 in addition to the points provided by their credit card.

“The Qantas Business Rewards program makes it easy for business owners to earn Qantas Points on their everyday business expenses and it’s been wonderful to see so many businesses taking advantage of the B2Bpay platform over the past 12 months. In recognition of the first anniversary of B2Bpay’s launch we are very pleased to be expanding rewards to businesses when they get paid,” said Eric Jelinek, Head of Qantas Business Rewards.

Is it easy to get set up?

With B2Bpay, it’s super easy to get set up. Simply fill in our Online Enquiry Form to get started, and we can get you set up within a day with your own branded payment portal. Then your customers can start paying you online, 24/7. What’s more, it’s completely free to get set up. The only cost is the card processing fee, which you can choose pass on to your customers.

So how does it work?

Step 1 – Invoice your business customers
Simply place the B2Bpay ‘pay now’ payment details on your invoice

Step 2 – Customers pay you
Customers click (or enter URL) to pay by credit card on your dedicated payment page

Step 3 – Funds are sent to you
Funds are transferred within 3 business days to your bank account with reference details

For more information on becoming a B2Bpay biller click here.

For more information on the Qantas Business Rewards program visit Qantas Business Rewards.

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How to Pay BPAY with a Credit Card and Earn Points

What is BPAY?

BPAY is an electronic bill payment system in Australia. BPAY allows you to make payments via internet or telephone banking to organisations who are registered BPAY billers.

Can I use BPAY using my credit card?

Yes you can, but you should check if you are being charged as a purchase or a cash advance. Some banks may allow you to use BPAY with your credit card if the biller does not accept credit card payments. But the transaction will be treated as a cash advance and you will be charged a cash advance fee.

One way to get around this is for your business, is to use B2Bpay to pay your BPAY invoices.  We already have over 30,000 suppliers with a BPAY Biller code set up in our sytem. And if you can’t find your Biller or Supplier on this list, simply select ‘Add new biller’ and enter their details.

How does B2Bpay work?

B2Bpay forwards your payment to your biller by BPAY – the same way as if you paid them direct. By using B2Bpay your credit card issuer will identify the payment as a ‘general’ payment meaning that you will earn full credit card points on that transaction, plus it won’t be treated as a cash advance.

Is BPAY or bank transfer faster?

If you are using B2Bpay to make a BPAY payment, you will need to allow 3 business days for the payment to be made. If you are paying a supplier directly via EFT, the funds will usually land in their account instantly or within 1 business day.

How can I earn rewards with BPAY using my credit card?

By using B2Bpay to make a BPAY payment, the payment will be classified as ‘General Spend’ and you will earn your FULL Credit Card reward points on the payment. What’s more, you’ll earn additional Qantas Points (1 point per $100 paid) on top of this (via your Qantas Business Rewards Account).

How to make a BPAY payment using B2Bpay?

It’s really simple. Register for B2Bpay, which you can do straight away (and it’s free). And then you follow the following steps:

  1. Find the BPAY logo on your email or paper bill which will show your Biller code.
  2. Log in to B2Bpay
  3. Select Add a new Biller
  4. Enter the BPAY Biller Code
  5. Make the payment by filling in your reference details and amount.
  6. That’s it! Your bill payment is complete.

To find out more about B2Bpay and sign up – visit our homepage.

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Smart method one small business owner implemented to get enough points to fly first class to Europe

Alissa Light of Tooradin Bakery in Victoria uses points earned from making business payments to fly first class. She managed to do this by simply changing the way she paid her bills. These were payments she had to make anyway, but by using B2Bpay, this allowed her to use her high points earning Amex card.

What is B2Bpay?

B2Bpay is a secure payment portal in partnership with Qantas Business Rewards which allows small business owners to pay business expenses using their credit card, even if the biller doesn’t accept card themselves.

How can B2Bpay turbo boost your Qantas Points balance?

SME’s paying bills using B2Bpay can earn Qantas Points as well as the usual credit card reward points from their issuer on all expenses, even on tax and utility bills.

“Rewards can be game changing for small business who work tirelessly at all hours,” Alissa said. Alissa’s point balance grew and grew over the past year, even though many of her suppliers don’t accept Amex. Thanks to B2Bpay, she has already taken one trip in style and has another one planned.

“We got to fly first class to Singapore and next on the agenda is Europe flying Business and First. I haven’t had to pay a cent, this has all been done with points”, she said. “Flying first class is something I had never done before, until I started using B2Bpay. And seeing paying bills I simply have to do as a small business owner, it’s really nice to be rewarded for that.”

Businesses prefer to pay by card

Kevin Butler, General Manager at B2Bpay’s parent company, Zenith Payments said that they have designed B2Bpay by looking into ways that businesses actually want to make payments.

“Businesses have been left slightly behind the eight ball in terms of efficient payment methods; consumers make a lot of payments via cards. We found that businesses were paying their suppliers there had been a lack of card acceptance, making the process difficult.”

“Simply enabling businesses to pay via card made a lot of sense to us,” Kevin said.

Find out how you can also benefit from B2Bpay.