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"Great service overall! Fantastic customer service and a very helpful support team really gave me confidence early on in my B2Bpay journey! I really do recommend for anyone who wants to get value and pay it your own way."
James Donaldson
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If you’re considering offering card payment options to your customers, you’ve no doubt discovered that there are a variety of services to choose from. The choice can be overwhelming, so you may be wondering—what sets B2Bpay apart? We figure there’s no better way to tell you than to share what some of our 11,000  B2Bpay customers are saying themselves!

Many of B2Bpay’s benefits are clear. When it comes to receiving payments, B2Bpay allows you to get paid faster by accepting all card payments, at no cost to you. Payments are seamless, with customers simply needing to click a ‘Pay Now’ button on your invoice to open a secure payment page with your logo. Plus, getting set up to use B2Bpay is easier than many other platforms, with no IT build, bank set up, or MSF fees.

And if you’re looking to make payments with B2Bpay, you’ll be able to improve cash flow, save time, and pay ALL your bills using any credit card. Better yet, you’ll be able to view and pay these bills from most major accounting platforms with one of our convenient software integrations.

But beyond the technical, B2Bpay offers a personal experience many of our competitors don’t—top notch customer service from an Australian-owned and based company.

Now let’s see what our users have to say!

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