B2Bpay fees replace your traditional credit card fees but with a wealth of benefits.

A common misconception about B2Bpay is that our fees are added on top of your credit card processing fees. When in fact credit card processing fees are covered by the fees charged by B2Bpay. 

Rather than paying these fees to a third party and receiving no added benefit, we collect them and in turn are able to offer you a wide range of rewards. From on-shore personalised service to Qantas points and much more. 

B2Bpay Fees Explained

At B2Bpay we have no setup costs or ongoing fees, only a processing charge when payments are made or received using your account. 

It is important to note that all of these processing fees are tax deductible and we provide you with easy to access tax invoices. 

Making payments and accepting payments have different fee structures and as a business owner we give you the option to choose how these are structured.

Accepting Payments

One aspect many of our customers find useful is that when accepting payments through B2Bpay you can choose whether processing fees are charged to your customer or absorbed by the business. 

This merchant capability provides you with more flexibility than many other alternative payment solutions on the market and can help to increase your bottom line or sales conversions. 

To learn more about accepting payments on the B2Bpay platform and how it can benefit your business, please visit our accepting payments with B2BPay section.

Making Payments

When using the B2Bpay platform to make payments we charge processing fees based on the card type, all of which are tax deductible. You learn more about these fees and the amount that is tax deductible below.

Replacing Processing Fees With Benefits

The best way to think about using the B2Bpay platform is that instead of receiving nothing in return for your card processing fees you get a wide range of benefits. 

When we refer to benefits, we aren’t just talking about the plethora of points available through our rewards system. In fact if you want to learn more about the points on offer you can do so in the links below. 

Small Business Tips To Quickly Earn And Spend Frequent Flyer Points

Spending Qantas Points Post-Covid

How To Earn Qantas Points When Getting Paid

In this blog we wanted to highlight the range of additional advantages that are made possible because of our processing fees. From personalised business development managers, to stringent cybersecurity protocols and more.

On-shore personalised service

At B2Bpay we are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated which means all of our customer success and sales team work from domestic offices. This structure allows us to assign a dedicated business development manager to all companies who join B2Bpay. 

Our goal and your BDM’s goal is to ensure you have a personalised service and that the implementation of B2Bpay is as seamless and as beneficial to your business as possible. 

On top of that all of our support staff and call centers are also located in Australia, which means if there is ever an issue you can be guaranteed to get quick, reliable support. 

All your bills in one place

With B2Bpay you get access to a secure online portal that stores all of your business bills, so they can be paid quickly and easily. This also includes auto bill importing and recording with Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks. 

Once you have registered with B2Bpay and connected your accounting software you can set up payment for automation, one-off or future-dated instances.

Not only does this feature save you time but it ensures that you are earning a return on all business bills via our rewards program.

Industry leading cyber security

At B2Bpay we use your fees to implement a constant cycle of innovation and improvement when it comes to cybersecurity. No business owner should be concerned about the integrity of their data or their customers personal information. 

We follow both domestic and international standards when it comes to cybersecurity. Some of our key security features to take note of are.

  • Does not collect or store full card numbers
  • Utilises card tokenisation for maximum security
  • Is PCI Data Security Standard compliant;
  • Uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer – https) 
  • Utilises merchant facilities provided by ANZ
  • Is data encrypted

You can learn more about the security features of B2Bpay in our comprehensive blog

Accounting software integration

Our goal with B2Bpay is to enable businesses to make and receive payments as simply and as beneficial as possible. Which is why we made sure to integrate with the three major accounting software companies – MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks

Anybody using these platforms can in a matter of minutes connect B2Bpay to their accounting software and start accepting card payments directly from their invoices, enjoy automatic reconciliations and view all invoices in B2Bpay.

Please note that if you do not use MYOB, Xero or Quickbooks you can still implement B2Bpay into your business. Any of our business development managers would be more than happy to run you through how this works – simply get in touch via our website. 

Don’t Pay Unnecessary Credit Card Processing Fees

We are proud of the way we are able to structure our business thanks to your fees. Instead of absorbing credit card processing fees into your business, you can enjoy a much more profitable way to pay. 

Just how profitable? Well, in 2018, B2Bpay was part of a case study conducted by Deloitte, where they analysed the return on investment for using our online payment.

What they found was that by paying all business expenses through the platform, SMEs could attract significant value, potentially at a level of approximately 7% of expenses paid.

Swap credit card processing fees for business benefits by getting in touch with our team today! 


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And our team will be in touch to get you started!

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