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Top 5 Apps on the Xero Marketplace

When it comes to online accounting, Xero is a great option for many businesses. From importing bank transactions to sending out automated invoices, Xero saves time and money for business owners. The cloud bookkeeping platform allows its subscribers (over 2 million and counting!) to check in on their business growth at anytime from anywhere.

Check out our list of Top 5 apps on the Xero marketplace, that small businesses using Xero should know about. These apps offer seamless integration with Xero, streamlining business and operation processes such as payments, pay runs, inventory control and much more.

Best Payroll HR app – Tanda

Fulfilling timely pay runs is crucial for a business, but can be stressful, especially when  workforces are a mix of permanent, part-time and casual staff. Keeping track of frequent changes in rostered days and shifts can also be tricky.

Tanda manages rostering, timesheets and pay rates of every staff member, freeing up business owners from menial administrative tasks. Tanda is the ideal payroll system that can record workforce data accurately while catering to business growth and expansion.

With one click, the Tanda-Xero integration imports timesheets directly to the Xero payroll. No more double data entry. The stress that usually comes with the payroll process is reduced. Most importantly, staff are paid correctly and on time for every pay run.

Best Inventory app – DEAR Inventory

Imagine your best-selling product being out of stock. It’s a nightmare for any wholesaler or retailer.

DEAR Inventory is a centralised order and inventory management that controls and manages products, customers, suppliers, purchases and sales. Its efficient inventory management can help identify consumer demands and potential growth areas.

By connecting DEAR Inventory in Xero, all inventory-related purchases, sales and manufacturing data will synchronise over to Xero. Invoices, bills and journal entries can then be created automatically from Xero, helping businesses save time and increase productivity.

Best CRM app – Insightly

Strong, lasting relationships are a key element to business success. With each business relationship unique and constantly changing, keeping interactions flowing and consistent can be a juggle.

With over 1.5 million users in over 25,000 organisations, Insightly is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software with ease of use functionality. As a cloud CRM, Insightly allows users to create new contacts, managing opportunities and sending mass emails, from any device.

The Insightly-Xero integration syncs contact details as well as sales opportunities while also tracking Xero invoices and bills. Sales staff can create new Xero invoice drafts in Insightly. No more valuable time wasted on cross referencing customer details and double entries, allowing faster sales lead times and chasing bigger deals.

Best e-commerce app – A2X

Being an online retailer can have some great advantages with little overhead costs and the ability to run business from pretty much anywhere. However, entering sales transactions and staying on top of the bookkeeping can take up precious time and resources.

A2X makes life easier for Amazon and Shopify sellers by automatically posting all store sales into Xero. Online retailers no longer need to manually pull out fees, refunds or adjustments and can take peace of mind knowing all of the calculations have been done by Xero.

The seamless integration to Xero has earned A2X a Featured App as well as one of Xero’s Top Picks. With 175 reviews and a consistent 5 star rating over at Xero marketplace, A2X can do no wrong in helping online retailers and merchants streamline their back office to enjoy online business growth and success.

Best Payments app – B2Bpay

What if you could earn Qantas Points from paying business expenses, but also when receiving payments from clients?

B2Bpay is a secure online payment portal for businesses to pay all of their invoices using their existing credit card.

Businesses can earn credit card and Qantas Points when making payments. Credit card points are also generated when paying all business expenses. Full points are also earned on ATO, insurance, telco and utilities bills.

Become a B2Bpay Biller and earn Qantas Points each time a client makes a payment (1 Qantas Point for every $20 paid by VISA or Mastercard). Get paid faster and improve cash flow with a “Pay Now” button on invoices. A simple click directs your client to a secure payment page, branded with your company logo.

Through the B2Bpay-Xero integration bills that are paid will be automatically updated to “Paid” in Xero. Payment processing fees are also recorded as an expense, which will be a time saver during tax time.

When receiving payments as a B2Bpay Biller, the “Pay Now” button on invoices will be connected to Xero where client payments are automatically recorded and reconciled.

Click HERE to join B2Bpay at no extra cost and start the integration with Xero today. For further information, feel free to chat with one of our specialists on 1300 205 575.

Already using the integration? Feel free to us a review over at the Xero Business Community.

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How This Boutique Business Owner Earns 50,000 Points Monthly

Saving time is without a doubt one of the greatest challenges facing any small, rapidly growing business. This was true for Andrew Wilcox, who co-owns Hop Vine & Still bottle shop in Hobart with his wife, Bek. As they juggle a young baby and growing business, Wilcox admits to being “very busy” at this point.

However, he finally found an easy time-saving hack with B2Bpay, an online portal he describes as quicker to use than internet banking.

And in addition to the time management benefits, Wilcox manages to earn 50,000 Qantas Points monthly with B2Bpay by funneling 90 per cent of business expenses through his American Express Qantas Business Rewards Card, and more again by doing so on the B2Bpay platform.

Many of his suppliers are also B2Bpay “bonus billers”, so he earns extra points when he pays these suppliers. As a result, he’s accumulating these 50,000 points per month simply by paying invoices! “That adds value not only to our business, but to use as well, for future travel,” he says.

As an independent, he stocks his shop with product he likes, excited by the demand for preservative and sulphur-free wines, as well as the emergence of non-alcoholic white spirits. Customers tell him they’ve travelled to his state just to sample local gins. “Tasmania has itself set up as a gin lover’s destination,” says Wilcox. “And we are passionate Tasmanians.”

Before opening their small business and becoming parents, Wilcox and his wife spent time travelling, pairing food and wine in Bologna and getting engaged in Berlin. Once able to travel again, they plan to head to France’s Champagne and Bordeaux regions. And when that time comes, they’re planning to use the Qantas Points their business has earned for a first-class flight.

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Top Tips to Improve Cash Flow By Getting Paid Faster

A well-managed cash flow is the backbone for any successful business. How quickly clients pay invoices can be the difference in turning your business from surviving to thriving. Imagine having clients pay on time every time? Even better if you didn’t have to exhaust admin resources or time on the phone to make this happen!

In this article we’re going to share our top tips on how to improve cash flow by getting paid faster.

Get paid faster

A successful small business is never short of clients. While that can mean plenty of work, it might be a case where doing the paperwork and sending out the invoices is taking up time that you don’t have.

An efficient, automated system that allows you to issue invoices instantly and with ease, can help ensure clients pay on time.

Let your clients pay with ease

Don’t let restricting payment methods stop your cash flow! Accepting all major credit cards as payment options avoids excuses for late payments. The more options you provide, the more quickly your clients are likely to pay.

Go one step further – make sure that straight from the invoice, the client only needs to click one button to make payment.

Acknowledge clients for making a payment

Giving your clients an instant ‘thank you’ message the moment payment is made is not only a timely token of thanks, but will likely be remembered by the client.

A cleverly crafted ‘Thanks for Paying’ email can have positive impacts in a range of areas. From encouraging future timely payment through to eliciting further sales, a thank you for the payment email is a simple tool that can be implemented to assist with credit control. Depending on your accounting or invoicing software, this can be built in to be automatic. For example, it might be as simple as adding a message to the top of your automatic payment confirmation email. 

Go digital

Take advantage of technology and use a digital and secure payment system that will allow you to receive payments 24/7.

When business moves quickly, keeping up can be a challenge. Going digital can help you stay on top of outstanding and upcoming payments.

With B2Bpay, you can easily add a ‘Pay now’ link to your invoice template. That way, every time you send an invoice your customers, they can easily pay your invoice with card (on any device). And if you use Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks our smart integrations mean that your invoices will be automatically updated to ‘paid’. 

B2Bpay: The online solution

B2Bpay is a branded payment portal that allows businesses to accept card payments online from their clients. Easy to use and free to set up, you also get rewarded.

Once joining B2Bpay, the payment process is straightforward:

1. Invoice your customer

Making it easier for your client, a B2Bpay payment link or button is included on your invoice template. B2Bpay can also be connected to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and other accounting software.

2. Client pays you via B2Bpay

Payments can be made using the client’s nominated card. B2Bpay accepts all major credit cards (including Amex, Mastercard, VISA and Diners), making the payment options easy for your client. 

B2Bpay is a great option for your clients too, as they can improve cash flow by taking advantage of their credit card’s interest free period up to 55 days. Another benefit of paying with card, as shown in  this Deloitte survey showed that 82% of businesses agree that credit and debit cards are the fastest way to make payments.

3. Funds sent to you

Funds are transferred to you by EFT or BPAY within 3 business days. You earn 1 Qantas Point for $20 paid to you with VISA or Mastercard.  This is a great way to boost your Qantas Points, just for getting paid. 

You will also receive notification to your computer or mobile the moment a payment is processed, keeping you up to date around the clock.

B2Bpay: Boosting Your Business Cashflow

The Deloitte survey mentioned earlier also showed that 73% of businesses who use B2Bpay have improved their cash flow. Moreover, they can reduce payment chasing by 61%, which results in a dramatic drop in bad debt.

Become a B2Bpay Bonus Biller

Want to have a competitive edge in your industry? By signing up as a B2Bpay Bonus Biller, you can offer extra Qantas Points to clients paying your bills. They will also generate their own credit card reward points when they pay using VISA, Mastercard, American Express or Diners Clubs.

What does it cost?

Nothing. B2Bpay is the no cost solution for you to accept card payments and get paid faster. There are no terminal fees, merchant service fees or monthly charges. There is no cost to receieve payment, as your customers or clients pay the card processing fee on top of your invoice. You can of course choose to absorb this if you wish.  

With such great incentives, and the ease of use (at no cost), B2Bpay offers your clients a way to make immediate payments. Clients can generate rewards through B2Bpay while your business continues to build a well-managed and healthy cashflow.

Click HERE to become a B2Bpay Biller today and start saving time and money for your business. Let B2Bpay take the hassle away from payment chasing so you can focus on what you do best – making your customers happy and growing your business.

For more information on how to become a B2Bpay Biller, speak to one of our specialists on 1300 205 575 today. 

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How to Pay Business Utility Bills with Credit Card and Earn Points

Electricity, gas, internet, water. All running costs that constantly need a business owner’s attention. Paying utility bills is a hassle enough, let alone keeping tabs on invoices and payment deadlines.

What if there was a simple, streamlined process to pay all your business utility bills? Even better—a payment process where you actually earned credit card and Qantas points when making the payments.

This article explores the main business expenses involved in running your office. We also cover how paying your utility suppliers through B2Bpay can actually make the process of paying bills rewarding for your business. How’s that for a win-win?

Electricity and Gas

There are over 30 energy companies in Australia. If you’re looking to switch suppliers or set up your electricity and gas in your new office, bear in mind that not all suppliers are available in certain areas. Also, some suppliers may only provide electricity and not gas.

Most businesses use between 15,000 to 25,000 kWh of energy per year, so choosing the right company with the best deal is important.  Whether you’re looking at options within the top 3 companies like Origin Energy, AGL or Energy Australia, or with a green energy supplier like Powershop, there are resourceful comparison websites that can help make the decision easier.

Internet and Telecommunications

When it comes to internet and telecommunications needs for your business, for many years there was no going past the big giant, Telstra. In recent years however, other providers such as Optus, TPG, iiNet, Vodafone and Aussie Broadband have emerged.  Also, the NBN rollout is keeping the industry competitive, offering value packed plans for businesses.

If you’re looking to switch providers or just shopping to see what other deals are out there, here are some points to consider:

  • Speed and reliability – How does their network rate compare to their competitors?
  • Value for money – Make sure you’ll be getting the same monthly data quota on your current plan, if not more for the same price
  • Customer service – There’s nothing worse than being left on hold for hours!
  • Contract flexibility – Upgrading or changing plans can often mean locking yourself into a brand new contract.
  • Bill clarity – When internet and phone services are bundled together on one bill, always check for discrepancies.


There are over 40 water authorities in Australia, 20 servicing the state of Victoria, with much of Melbourne’s water system controlled by Melbourne Water. For NSW based businesses, Sydney Water provides services to Greater Metropolitan Sydney as well as the Illawarra and Blue Mountains regions.

While most water bills are sent quarterly, some are sent monthly. Speak to your provider to see what will work best for your business.

Also remember that charges are seasonal. During drought season, expect a slight increase in rates.

B2Bpay:  Earn Points When Paying Your Utilities 

 Paying utility bills is unfortunately a necessary task for any business. As a third party payment platform, B2Bpay takes the headache away and allows you to pay all expenses online with your credit or debit card.

B2Bpay accepts all major credit cards (including VISA, Mastercard, Amex and Diners) and offers a rewarding way to make payments. With many cards, you earn no points or reduced points when paying your utility bills directly. this is because your card issuer identifies the payment as a ‘utility payment’. However, when you make payments via B2Bpay, the payment is classified as a ‘General Payment’ and you earn full credit card reward points.  Whether it’s your Telstra internet and phone bill, or your electricity with Energy Australia, you earn full credit card points when paying your utility bills through B2Bpay.

Once registered, you simply set up your payments by selecting your billers and nominate your credit card(s) for payments. Payments can be made as one-off, automatic or future dated. Then, leave the rest to us. We will transfer funds to your billers (at no cost to them) within 3 business days.

What’s more, if you use Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB you can connect B2Bpay to your accounting software. This means bills entered into your accounting software will be automatically synced and displayed in B2Bpay. Then you can simply click and pay with any credit card, and this will be fed back to your software. 

Paying your utilities through B2Bpay:

  • Helps reduce cash flow concerns as you can take advantage of your credit card’s 55 day interest free period
  • Ensures you never miss a payment deadline as you can set payments as one-off, automatic and future dated
  • Earns you credit card reward points
  • Allows you to pay ATO bills also, while earning full credit card points
  • Allows you to monitor and track payments through your online portal, helping you see clearly where you can cut costs or lower usage

Click HERE to join B2Bpay and start getting rewarded for paying your utility bills. It’s free and easy to set up! Got questions? Call one of our specialists on 1800 205 575 or send us an email.