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B2Bpay Excluded Industries and Payments

B2Bpay is a registered Payment Facilitator with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other banking partners. 

Whilst we love helping  Australian businesses make and receive payments with ease, as part of AUSTRAC, anti-money laundering, KYC and banking compliance, there are some payments that we can’t process. 

Please find a list below of payments we can’t process. 

B2Bpay cannot be used to make payments relating to:

We may apply additional restrictions and may amend this list at any time without notice in order to comply with internal or external restrictions. 

If you have any queries on what is and isn’t allowed, contact our friendly Balmain based team.
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Melbourne City Print & Dinkums Print

How a printing company in Melbourne uses the Qantas Points earned from getting paid and paying everyday business expenses to take two family holidays per year.

Melbourne City Print & Dinkums Print

John Wilson shares how he earns Qantas Points by accepting customer payments through B2Bpay and using his American Express business card for business expenses.  

John Wilson owns two printing businesses, Melbourne City Print and Dinkums Print & Design. When Covid hit in 2020, Wilson made the move to relocate his Melbourne City Print business from the CBD to his Carlton premises, Dinkums, just a few kilometres away. “I was lucky that I was at the end of a five-year lease and the move all of a sudden made sense”, explains Wilson. Luckily, it hasn’t affected the volume of business, and he is now able to operate both businesses out of one premises, which saves on costs.

“Each business has a loyal dedicated customer base. And a lot of business is conducted by email so it didn’t make as much of a difference as I thought. But we have kept the name Melbourne City Print, and the businesses separate”, says Wilson.

“Both printing businesses service clients from Architect students needing something printed large format to print materials for Melbourne University and Tennis Australia”, adds Wilson.  

Wilson signed up to receive an American Express card for both of his businesses twelve months ago and was awarded with 150,000 bonus Qantas Points for each. He regularly uses these Qantas Points earning cards to assist with cash flow and earn points on every transaction. Wilson also uses B2Bpay to pay his suppliers, which earns him even more Qantas Points on top of the points earned by using the credit cards.

Wilson switched from Stripe to B2Bpay to receive payments on both businesses’ invoices in 2020. “I made the choice to switch as I no longer pay any fees for receiving payments, plus I earn Qantas Points” adds Wilson. Because Wilson uses Xero as his accounting software, the whole set up was very simple. “It was a few clicks to get set up and now my customers can pay my Xero Invoices using B2Bpay online” explains Wilson. “They can pay with any card, and I receive the funds into my bank account”.

In the past, Wilson has used the Qantas Points earned in his business to take family holidays a couple of times a year during school holidays.  He was lucky to visit Japan skiing in early 2020 before Covid hit and plans to travel to Uluru with his family on their next trip. “We can’t wait to take more overseas family holidays in the future. And it’s great that I can use the points I’m earning in my business to get there”.

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