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How To Best Use An American Express In Your Business

Did you know that spending on AMEX can earn you more points through B2Bpay? In fact, linking your AMEX to B2Bpay means you can pay all your business expenses in one place using American Express, even if the business you are paying doesn’t accept this card format.

How? B2Bpay acts as a middle man to pay your supplier via EFT or BPAY. As a result, you can earn more business rewards wherever you spend, including Qantas Points that help you fly for free. 

Here’s how to use American Express to benefit your business.

Using AMEX for Your Small Business

American Express cards give a lot of freedom to small and medium businesses. Like other business credit cards, AMEX allows you to smooth out cash flow, make large purchases, and manage your expenses. 

For small businesses, business credit cards are important because they allow you to gain access to finance when you can’t access loans. Using the interest-free grace period, you can gain short-term working capital that gives your business more freedom to grow. 

American Express is a great option over other cards because it’s widely accepted and provides people with access to rewards when they spend. Membership rewards from AMEX can help you earn benefits for travel, shopping, and more.

Earning Qantas Frequent Flyer Points through B2Bpay is just one way AMEX users can benefit from running all their expenses through their business card, but you can also gain access to the wealth of other B2Bpay benefits. Read below to learn more.

Can I Use AMEX to Generate Rewards?

There are many benefits you can obtain from spending with AMEX, including:

  • Better exchange rates on international purchases
  • Rewards for purchasing technology including hardware, software, and cloud solutions
  • Rewards when you travel such as access to lounges

Whether you travel for business or personal reasons, earning Frequent Flyer Points for Qantas is one huge benefit for business owners. Every time you spend and receive money through B2Bpay, you can earn Qantas Points that give you access to a huge range of rewards.

From discounts on flights to hotel upgrades and deals on luggage, there are many ways you can benefit from Qantas Points. If you travel a lot, then Qantas Points are an easy way to improve cash flow and boost your earnings. 

Rather than spending money on flights and hotels that you could put into your business, you can use points instead, or combine points and payment to plan your dream trip.

There are usually restrictions on points earning from AMEX cards, especially since not everywhere accepts AMEX. However, with B2Bpay, you can boost your earnings by gaining rewards even at businesses that don’t accept AMEX, or where you might encounter reduced points earning capabilities.

Can I Use AMEX with B2Bpay?

B2Bpay has partnered with AMEX to bring your business more rewards than ever. Not only can you earn points no matter where you spend, but you can also earn more points.

For example when you pay government bills and ATO via B2Bpay, you will the FULL amount of credit card points entitled to your AMEX. 

B2Bpay also has no cap on Rewards Points, too. If you want to earn maximum points with your business expenses, pairing your AMEX business card with B2Bpay is the obvious choice.

Can I Pay with AMEX Points?

If you are a B2Bpay customer and an American Express user, you can also ‘Pay with Points’ when paying your bills.

You can use your Membership Rewards to pay taxes, invoices, rent, utilities, and more. Plus, you can choose a combination of points plus payment or pay using only points to benefit from this offer.

With this method, you can:

  • Improve cash flow by using AMEX points instead of cash
  • Utilise points on other things even if you are not planning to travel
  • Earn more points on all bills you pay, including the amount you pay using existing points

The reward system lets you earn Qantas Points for multiple transaction types, including:

  • 1 Point for every $7 to the ATO
  • 1 Point for every $10 to other billers
  • Up to 3 Points per $1.50 paid to B2Bpay Bonus Billers

Your customers can pay your invoices with their own membership points as well, which can provide your business with more flexibility. Providing a wider range of payment options helps to improve the speed with which your invoices are paid.

Why Choose B2Bpay?

With B2Bpay, you gain more than just points for every dollar you spend on AMEX. You also gain access to a secure payment provider that lets you manage all your finances in one place.

When you pay government bodies with AMEX, you can earn a limited number of points, but when you pay through B2Bpay, you earn maximum points every time. It’s one of the most beneficial ways to improve cashflow.

Not only do you earn AMEX Membership Points, but you also earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, giving you access to more benefits than ever before.

B2Bpay works seamlessly with QuickBooks, Xero, and MYOB, which means you can set up an account easily and start earning immediately. All you need to get started is an AMEX business card and a B2Bpay account.

Once everything is set up, you can earn points every time you spend and receive payments, and keep earning full card points when you pay government bills and utilities. 

How to Use AMEX with B2Bpay

Making payments with B2Bpay and AMEX is incredibly simple.

  1. Register for B2Bpay and link it to your other accounts, including Xero and MYOB.
  2. Add Billers to your account using the BPAY Biller Code.
  3. Pay with American Express, or use the points you’ve earned to pay your bills.
  4. Earn points for every dollar you spend.
  5. Spend your Qantas Points or AMEX Membership Points however you choose!

When it’s this easy, it’s hard to say no. Sign up today to earn the maximum number of points on every business expense.


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And our team will be in touch to get you started!

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