What Are Qantas Reward Flights and How to Book Them

If you’re looking to maximise the value of your Qantas points (and chances are, if you use B2Bpay for making or receiving payments, you’ll have accumulated a significant amount), then this is the guide for you. 

You can use your Qantas Points to book Classic Reward Flights anywhere in the world, and even upgrade to Business Class in the process. 

Let’s look at the Qantas Classic Flight Rewards booking process to see how you can get the best deals.

What Are Qantas Classic Rewards Flights?

Qantas Classic Flight Reward seats are fixed-price seats that you can book using Qantas Frequent Flyer points. You can fly with Qantas or one of the partner airlines, including Jetstar, OneWorld, Emirates, and more. 

Qantas only offers a limited number of Classic Rewards seats, and they are only available on certain flights and routes. However, there are plenty to choose from, which means you are not necessarily limited in your travel plans.

You can search for Qantas Classic Rewards flights directly through the website. The Qantas site explains which flights are available, how many points you need, and what taxes you must pay. It also lists a variety of flights from partner airways, which means you can see everything in one place.

How Much Do Qantas Rewards Flights Cost?

The price of Qantas Classic Reward flights varies depending on the length of the trip and when you are travelling.

There are some amazing value domestic flights available, including Sydney to Brisbane for 6400 points (plus $35.57 in taxes). Internationally, you can travel around Oceania and Southeast Asia with ease. A flight from Sydney to Bangkok costs 50,400 points plus $249 in taxes. 

Those with a considerable bank of points can even journey as far as Las Vegas (83,800 points plus $376), Mexico City (102,400 points plus $500), or London (110,400 points plus $686). The trick is earning enough points to do so, and knowing how to find the best flights.

How to Book a Classic Reward Flight

The first step is to find a coveted rewards seat that fits your travel plans. You can now browse on the Qantas site without logging in, but it’s recommended to log in if you’re booking for Business Class so that you can search for flights from your Qantas Business Rewards account.

After all, travelling in Business or First Class is one of the best ways to redeem Qantas points because it’s where you can make the biggest savings. These seats are even more scarce, so it’s vital to check well in advance of travelling to find your ideal seat.

Follow these steps to find a flight that suits you:

  1. Sign into your Qantas account.
  2. Go to the flight searcher, then turn on the toggle to “use points” or click on “make a reward booking.”
  3. Enter the dates of your travel and press search.
  4. Use either the map feature or the list of available flights to browse. You can also add additional filters to search for more specific destinations or flight classes. 
Tips for Finding the Best Classic Reward Flights

There will, of course, be more flights available if you are flexible about dates and destinations. If you are searching for a business trip, then make sure to check early and keep checking back to see if there are Qantas points flights available.

Some people also search for Qantas frequent flyer flights using third-party tools like Award Nexus. It’s likely that you will need some time to find the Qantas points flights that suit you, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

The Qantas site is slightly limited when it comes to searching over a wide range of dates. As a result, you might find a better seat by checking the website of a partner airline to find redeemable points seats. Check out the British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Qatar Airways websites, for example.

How to Quickly Get More Qantas Points

Travelling in Business Class in a Classic Rewards seat requires a lot of points – there are no two ways about it. However, there are many ways to maximise your Qantas points earning potential:

  • Get a Qantas rewards-affiliated credit card.
  • Purchase through Qantas earning partners including hotels, car rental companies and online retailers
  • Fly with Qantas or partner airlines
  • Keep an eye out for Qantas bonus offers which can give you extra points for certain activities
  • Use to B2Bpay to make and/or receive payments
  • Refer other businesses to B2Bpay with the Refer and Earn program

Just follow these three steps to start earning points with B2Bpay, 

1. Sign up for B2BPay

Firstly, sign up for B2BPay. There are many of ways to benefit from a secure payment provider like B2BPay, including:

  • Having all your invoices in one place
  • Secure payment processing
  • Earning points when you make and receive payments
2. Integrate Your Points-Earning Card

B2BPay lets you integrate all your other systems, including billing methods like Xero, MYOB, and QuickBooks. 

If you want to maximize your points, make sure you have (or apply for) a Qantas points-earning credit card. Most affiliated cards offer one point for every $1-3 you spend, and some also offer sign-up bonuses. 

When searching for a card, make sure you check the rewards programs and annual fees on offer.

Once you have this card, add it to your B2BPay wallet and start using it for your business transactions.

3. Pay off the Rest with Bank Accelerator

Once you have reached the limit for points earning on your credit card, make use of B2BPay’s bank accelerator program to maximize your points earning capacity. Earn 1 Qantas Point for every $3 you spend through your bank account and keep earning points without limits.

Earn Points for Qantas Classic Rewards Flights Today

If you want to start earning points and get flights for the best value for money, register for B2Bpay here and begin your journey. It’s easy to sign up; don’t miss out on a simple way to earn and book flights with points.


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